1. Appeal letter for postponement of summer practical has been sent to MMC. Now awaiting answer from them. Let’s hope for the best.

2. POTS has something great to say about the Russian graduates – something about Russian graduates can’t do cannulation and catheterization. Is EPC worth it, anyone?


9 thoughts on “Updates

  1. EPC??
    honestly, for me its not worth it at all.
    but thumbs up for internal med pract.
    i think i learn d most only drg int med prac

  2. u ppl should’ve done ur prac in parit buntar then!~ haha.. can do almost everything from injection, cannulation, POP, incision and drainage to suturing! hehe.. but only for ppl who asked to do diz stuff la. if didnt ask, then its their loss..

  3. they didn’t allow us to do these procedures in m’sia

    we are not given the opportunity to do these procedures here

    maybe its time for the next step…buy our own sterile equipments and practice on each other like in gray’s anatomy… xD (i am only half joking here…)

  4. my previous summer prac in msia was indeed a good one. maybe all we need is to be close to the mo’s ( provided mo itu bukan mcm si pots)..and ask them to guide us.
    most importantly, as a student, we have to act like a student..show some interest. be around for the CME as early as 8am everyday, and try to avoid mencuri tulang :).
    ( as advised on my first day of practical).

  5. CME is cool, theory stuff is cool too….
    but all also i can get from books

    what about the clinical things?? dah masuk clinical year but 3/4 of time during our class we spent with our butt comfortably plopped on the chair either waiting for teacher or discussing the topics with teacher..no hands-on experience pun…

    this is just from my experience, not a general outlook on others..diff teacher diff teaching style. (and the grammatical error in the first paragraph was intentional!~~)

  6. sarah, i mean cme during our prac in msia hospital.and about people saying we’re the russian graduates are incompetent or whatnot, i think that’s because of the different approach /way of tackle problems between the russia and msia hospitals. and now that we’re no longer be able to our prac in msia.another prob to be solved.
    and yes, our academy has got to sth about our prac skills. and i think EPC (excluding internal med) is not much of a help.

  7. yea..i noe, i attended too. Continuous Medical Education rite? :p if my memory serves me right, i attended the ones on COPD, BA, Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia and SVT…but that was in 2nd yr so all that knowledge a bit useless for me since i was damn blur..haha

    surgery EPC was prolly the most useless one..he dun even care if we come or not and when we come, we were discussing theoretical things that we already discussed during the cycle, like hellO!!

    mr. prez, what’s the status on EPC next yr?

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