No official letter (yet)

There’s quite a talk of MMC postponing their ruling for summer elective posting. People have been asking, news travel so fast. So here’s my email to Secretary of MMC, Dr. Wan Mazlan.

Assalamu’alaikum Dr. Wan Mazlan,

Saya Faiz Najmi, President Malaysian Students Association of Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy. Saya ingin dapatkan kepastian mengenai ura-ura yg mengatakan bahawa arahan elective posting tahun ini ditangguhkan sehingga tahun depan.

Terima kasih.

Here is his reply.

Wa alaikumussalam,

Ya. Benar sekali. Diizinkan namun pelajar harus ingat mereka yang akan kerugian. Justeru itu, adalah dinasihatkan agar pelajar menjalani pengajian elektif di Rusia.



I would strongly advice Malaysian students in NNSMA to wait till the official letter arrives before making any decision (buying ticket, summer holiday, eurotrip etc). Who knows that even if MMC officially postpones the ruling, our academy still wants us to do here?

The first step is to wait for the official MMC letter, then we approach the deanery. Only then confirm.

Do not rush into making decisions. If you want to make any decision, it’s on YOU and only YOU.


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