Med School and MSA Stuffs

1. Malaysian students who wish to participate in Volgogames 2009 (playing or supporting), please give your name to Galen Sha, the MSA Secretary and prepare 2000 rubles deposit (for each student) latest by Sunday, 5th April 2009. The deposit will be sent to Volgogames 2009 Treasury by Monday, 6th April 2009. Names of the students going to Volgograd will be sent to Deanery on the same day requesting exemption from going to classes on 23rd and 24th of April 2009.

2. Black and white for postponement of elective posting ruling has not been received yet, if you’re asking. Plans for summer holidays are personal and not MMC, or Dean’s Office or MSA will be held responsible for your summer plans. Plan your summer at your own discretion.

3. In order to save energy and electricity blabla, the hostel administration has banned students from cooking in large scale and make a profit out of it. This new policy means no more selling food. I don’t like this new policy either. But if you still want to sell food, please do it discreetly. Just don’t get caught by commandant or any authority figures. Please be warned and informed.

4. Spring Carnival will be held on in front of Hostel 3 on Saturday 11th April 2009 in hope to subsidize the contingent of Volgogames 2009. Permission to organize this carnival has been obtained from the director of Student City (Gorodok). It’s quite a surprise to me since I have clearly stated that there will be lots of electricity use, especially with cooking foods. Anyway, do understand the rules and regulation and hand in your tender applications to me, thank you.

5. Please pay your hostel fees as soon as possible, else you are not permitted to attend classes – warning from Deanery.


2 thoughts on “Med School and MSA Stuffs

  1. ekeleh.. poyo punya russians.. nk tggu org suap duit a tu baru bleh menjual2 kembali.. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………. uummm! – bunyi suapan duit ke dalam mulut komendan hostel 3”

  2. otak diorang kalo leh sumbat ngan roubles yg diorang suka sgt tu mmg dah lama dah increase ICP depa..mmg kaki nak duit je..ingat kite cap duit ke hape? mengongs.. kite nak makan dia lak sibuk2 nak duit.. dengki

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