Snippets (or sound bites?)


  • My blog is not dead.
  • Been busy with all the MSA works. I’m not gonna elaborate on the works- they’re boring and tiresome.
  • In between works, I have been thinking to organize an early election for the next term’s MSA committee. I also have been thinking of who will succeed. So far, a few names came to mind, but I can’t just handpick my own successor though (unless its stalemate). Early election is wise. Come September, the new committee takes office and less headache for me and everyone else.
  • By 1st September 2009, when the new term starts, it’s fasting month of Ramadhan. Two weeks later, RAYA. Then, newbies come and I heard there’s gonna be a lot of them. There are gonna be cases of uninvited seniors, conflicts, tears etc, just like last year. Might as well  let the President-elect handle the crap newbies.

  • Not being an uberman or superhuman, I have my own share of failures. I did disappoint some people. Wait, is this a farewell speech?
  • Nope, it’s not a farewell speech. It’s reality. The past MSA, the current MSA and the future MSA have to fail and disappoint some people. I’m not giving excuses, but for starters; we’re young and stupid. We are ignorant most of the time. We like short cuts. We are cheap. We like to enjoy. We have no wisdom.
  • Secondly, the troublemakers; Rectorate and Malaysian government. They have the powers, tho.
  • Thirdly, it pains me to admit; the committee members and students themselves cannot cooperate. This happens to most student bodies of the world.
  • It’s a big responsibility with a lot of hoops to jump through, but a sweet and worthy experience. Doing a volunteer job to help our peers feels great. But I have to warn, you’ll sacrifice a lot of study time, resting time, sleeping time, dinner time, hangout time and more than 2000 roubles for calls and sms to embassy, deanery, interuniversity games host (in my case – Volgograd), the Malaysian government, and your beloved committee members. Thinking back, I think I should claim 🙂
  • I have a few loose ends to tie up before my term of office ends (31st August 2009 – I don’t think I’d like to work during summer holidays ngenge). I just pray everything with Volgogames go well and I wish the Nizhniy contingent best of luck.
  • For the time being, please start thinking of some names. I’ll discuss with committee about the election after Volgogames.

8 thoughts on “Snippets (or sound bites?)

  1. not a bad idea..tried to do early election last time but the main prob/obstacle to consider :

    june is pretty busy, with all the exams and stuff.
    early june : 5th yr, maybe 6th year exam.
    mid-end : most of the other batches have exams pulak..
    so,maybe may?
    but honestly, the election won’t take that much time. only a few mins to go down and vote. as long as it is done not within a busy exam period, it should be ok. students shouldn’t be complaining because most of the work is for the MSA committee members – to organize the election nomination, venue, count the votes, etc..

    it’s good that u pointed out about the sacrifices to be made for those who are planning to be appointed. many probably see that holding a post in MSA is just that : holding a post. well, u’ve done a good job so, gambate!

  2. haha..this thingy has really taken its toll on you hasnt it?? all in all, i think you guys did a great run for another term??

  3. btw..dun approve this of cos..y change the layout?? i think the previous one was cooler..but thats jus me..watever that makes you happy..

  4. aww….all the best…
    I know politics in Moscow is always ugly, I hope the Malaysians in Nijni are better mannered….. hehe…

  5. ooh..7t didn’t like the layout but i do…looks classy.

    nway, i think you had a good run as msa president…and msa in general did a great job. :)) esp the secretary, galen cuz we always had trouble about getting informed about the who,what,when,where,how’s of everything and now the info is always promptly on our bulletin board. so good job MSA. :))

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