A few updates

  • Volgogames 2009 – I’m glad everything went well, despite a few hiccups during money transfers, money collection, finalizing names, dean’s office craps, medical check up and transportation. Once I’ve gotten the task for Volgogames, I just hoped it ends as soon as possible. There’s really nothing satisfying to handle a trip which I was not planning to go, with very bad internet connection and expensive phone calls, and with some people grousing and complaining too much (as if they pay any tips to be treated like VIPs). Lucky, I have a very efficient secretary.
  • Saint Petersburg – I was looking forward to this trip. Some people went to Volgograd, I went to St. Petersburg. I have put some pictures in faceboob facebook and blog if you’re interested to see. All in all, it’s a very nice city to rest your minds, far from the super-duper ultra mighty hectic Nizhniy Novgorod and its happenings.

  • Summer practical – the letters are not ready yet. I guess it’s gonna be very hard for some of NNSMA Malaysian students to apply for practical in Malaysia because MMC is late at producing its black and white and the processing of the letters takes a lot of time. To be fair to the practical department, if they can ever process 231 letters in 2 weeks (not including the students of the other countries), that’s a miracle itself.
  • Family Day – I have to say I had fun despite the wind. My group lost in a few games, but it’s very considerate for the organizer to give some prizes for the losers like me 🙂 It certainly was a good outing and killing some time on a Saturday, trying to know some of my juniors and letting the seniors win… All in all, we have to give them organizers (UMNO-PPIM) some good credits. But some people spent their Saturday in MSA’s very hot chatbox, trying to trash Malaysians in NNSMA. That is, undoubtedly, the real loser.
  • Skinheads – I received rumors that the skinheads wanna assault foreigners. I do not know how true is that, but the dean’s office has canceled the day off on the day the skinheads are rumored to assault foreigners. There’s no day off on either Monday or Tuesday. However, if you’re concerned about your safety, you do not need the dean’s office to tell you what to do. Just take good care of yourself. Whether you should go to classes or not, use your own discretion. Read here.

The extremists already promised to organize demonstrations in other days. The day of May 5th can become one of them: allegedly, the retaliation protest is scheduled to this day. Supposedly, the reason is the death of one of neo-Nazi leaders, who committed suicide in the pre-trial detention center on March 30, 2009 after the arrest.

Excerpt from the last paragraph of the newslink.


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