St. Petersburg – Day 2 (Tsarskoe Selo @ Tsar’s Village)

Some people said I went overboard when I continuously wrote in my faceboobs facebook status that I went for medical conference in St. Petersburg instead of jalan-jalan. It was a joke, only people who understood laughed. Not all of us told our parents honestly about going jalan-jalan. I won’t tell you who, but the parents were told that the five of us went for medical conference in St. Petersburg.

That’s why I played along with medical conference, because it sounded fun! Pushkin and Panadol, Hermitage and Poop among others 😉

Day 2

blog - detskoe selo

We took a train from St. Petersburg and arrived in ДЕТСКОЕ СЕЛО (Detskoe Selo @ Kid’s Village) train station. I was confused for a while, since we’re headed to Tsarskoe Selo @ Tsar’s Village. But I just followed…

fb- summer palace

After 4km walk from the train station, we finally arrived at Catherine Park (another 1km walk before reaching the Summer Palace). Pity Rose (the person squished between the two hot guys). She wore high heel boots. Go figure…. The park is kinda beautiful, reminds me a lot of Hyde Park in London.

blog - jambatan

With another Russian dude Kok King befriended with. Forgot his name already

blog - mosque like chapel

A mosque in Catherine Park? That’s what I thought… But it’s a mosque-like chapel actually.

blog - kung fu

The park is so beautiful that a photogenic Asian hippy like efenem would like to mark my presence by doing some kinda Kung Fu


When we finally arrived at the Summer Palace, there was a huge queue. We had to wait for an hour to get in… Some of us didn’t really wanna go inside, but I always love European palaces. Can’t miss this one too!

blog - inside summer palace

These rich people were born not with silver spoons and plates, but GOLD! Gold, damn it! What a show off!


Show off!


Show off!

blog - amber room

There’s one special chamber in Summer Palace called the Amber Chamber, representing a joint effort of German and Russian craftsmen. Photos are not allowed inside this chamber, but what the heck…. I didn’t see much of amber in my life, tho 😉

fb - night winter palace

At that particular night (Saturday night), we went out to see the city. The city is even magnificent at night…

blog - night out

We went crazy like Russian drunkards, except no one drank anything… The night was cold, we did what we needed to do to keep warm… 😉

blog - bridge close

After a couple of hours waiting in Russian unforgiving cold wind (albeit being Spring!), we went to see this bridge at about 1.30 am. There were lotsa people came to see this bridge at this particular time of the night…

blog - now bridge open for us

Everyone waited patiently for the bridge to open at 1.30 am so that all the big ships can sail thru the Neva River. Saturday night out to see a frickin’ bridge open?! I guess you can’t do this anywhere else but St. Petersburg… 🙂


5 thoughts on “St. Petersburg – Day 2 (Tsarskoe Selo @ Tsar’s Village)

  1. Salam Faiz

    Cantiknya Gold platers! Hati-hati bila nak bergambar, jangan sampai kena rampas camera.


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