St. Petersburg – Day 3 (Hermitage)

Last day of the so-called “medical conference” in St. Petersburg.

blog - carriage

Horse carriage in front of Winter Palace. Prince efenem is fetching someone for a romantic ride into the sunset ngenge 😉


blog - inside winter palace

Corridor of Power in Hermitage – right and left are portraits of all the Tsars in history


blog - in winter palace me

Inside Hermitage


blog - show off

Show off chandelier


fb - nice room

The Pavilion Hall – this hall is a lot more beautiful than the other halls we went in…


blog - ayam

Coz the Pavilion got this gold bird show thingy… What a show off!


blog - knight chamber

In Knight chamber – with all the cool displays of ancient weapons these Russians have been using


blog - winter palace

Efenem terbuat muka manja pulak… 😉


 blog - kochi's photos

Kok King wasn’t with us in Hermitage because he went in already last summer… So he decided to take some cool photos of St. Petersburg


blog - selo yard 

Catherine Park


blog - st isaac

St. Isaac’s cathedral from afar



Kok King really had a thing with St. Isaac’s cathedral…  what a show off… nice photo though… 😉


blog - people on boat

Boat trip on Fontanka – been there done that


blog - view from St isaac's colonnade

View of efenem and ieja at the opposite park from St. Isaac’s tower (colonnade). I didn’t go up because just had lunch and the lady selling tickets is a soviet-era bitch. Plus, I have climbed cathedral towers in Hamburg and Köln…


blog - da nak balik da

On our way back to hostel before rushing to train station… Too bad, haven’t finish exploring the whole city yet…


blog - bye2 denis

At the train station, saying bubbye to Denis… Our local and loyal tour Guide but somehow has been misunderstood and scolded by someone 😉





blog - train balik

On the train, eatin while watchin’ sitcom on ipod… Tata


4 thoughts on “St. Petersburg – Day 3 (Hermitage)

  1. pic1: prince w/o extravagant dressing… nah.. u must b d jaga pintu..

    pic3: can’t help but notice your head looks like an ornament atop the mantelpiece..with those jars/vase flanking LoL

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