Legit Legit Legit

Priokskiy District Court, Nizhniy Novgorod.

Judge: Sidelnikova M.M.

The Accused: Rizhkov A.V.

Senior Assistant Prosecutor (District Attorney): Solovyova N.F.

Advocate from District Advocate’s Office: Orlova M.B.

The victims: Abdullaeva G.G., Ignashin V.V., Peja, Daoh.

Translators: Aksenovskaya G.G., Efenem


Case: Shooting the 3rd hostel kitchen window with airgun last year. The victims pardoned the accused and made no claims whatsoever.


  • The accused pleads guilty.
  • Punishments: Restricted freedom for 2 years, probationary period for one year.
  • Court order: The accused must not visit cafes, bars, night clubs from 10pm till 6am, must not change his place of residence without prior notification to the government, the accused must appear and check-in twice a month to the parole officer.
  • Material evidence: Aniks 101 airgun, metal bullets, video casette which are currently stored in the storage chamber of the District Court shall be destroyed upon proclamation of the verdict in accordance to the power of the law.
  • The accused can appeal against the verdict to the Nizhegorod regional court within 10 days after the proclamation of the verdict.


Well, that was the case. Pardon my excitement, it’s my first time in court 😉 Meanwhile, have a look at this picture…




Oh, how am I so proud to be a Malaysian right now… People would do anything for power but would do very little to serve the nation… It also pains me the thought that I am gonna pay my taxes for their salary very soon!


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