Semangat Nizhniy, semangat!

Only ONE properly signed nomination for MSA committee membership has been sent to the Election Committee. Some unofficial nomination also came, but it has no signature (of nominator and seconder) and the nomination came late.

I do not know. Probably it’s the timing. It’s exam or almost-exam season. Or probably the nomination period that I gave is only 5 days!


But, it’s not the timing. It’s the takde semangat… Even if it is exam time or nomination period too short, someone should have objected to the idea of early nomination or election. I did receive an objection tho, but that also I have to ask about her opinion…

Malaysians in Nizhniy are cool and calm, laid back people. That is good in one sense, it means we’re not gonna be troublemakers to the society. But that also means, there’s gonna be a hard time to choose new leaders. In other universities especially Kursk and RSMU, they’d be very passionate even sometimes with ridiculous stuffs!

Come on, someone should step up!

The nomination period is closed and it shall remain closed… I shall reopen the nomination some time later… Don’t know how much later tho… If you don’t like my decision, you can object dengan penuh semangat!

Semangat Nizhniy, semangat!!!


One thought on “Semangat Nizhniy, semangat!

  1. agree with early nomination of MSA commitee. for the sake of the committee itself, really.
    semangat or not, many students here have their own clan of closest friends. so they either can make the nomination really fast with all the already minimal number of people they might settle on OR have no idea of who to put on the list if noone in their gang seems to want to be nominated or are simply incapable of admin job.
    maybe u could re-open it next week and leave it for a week more..from past experience, people don’t usually realize a memo has been posted up until a few days later..maybe 5 days is better though coz there’s the MSA blog. all the more reason to get the message across more efficiently.
    otherwise, they might have forgotten to take the action to do whatever that was stated in the memo. i suggest u re-open the nomination for another week or so.then see what happens.

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