Doctor training in Malaysia

Here are some stuffs taken from Ministry of Health and Malaysian Medical Council websites about future training of doctors in Malaysia. Some are updated, some are not, but hopefully it gives some insight to our training. Happy studying and good luck with exams!



Hospitals approved for Housemanship training. Which one do you choose? (Taken from MMC website)



Estimated timeline of training. Chart is not updated because housemanship (Latihan Siswazah) is already 2 years. It takes about 12-13 years to become a full-fledged specialist!


Some other stuffs (click on the red links – pdf files)

Permohonan Mengikuti Program Sarjana Perubatan (Masters Program)

Bidang Kepakaran yang Ditawarkan dan Diiktiraf (Subspecialty training)


Okay, rest is over. Back to studying!~


5 thoughts on “Doctor training in Malaysia

  1. Its gonna be crowded in Melaka tho… with the population about 700,000 and only one hospital for the state…

    Manipal students also gonna tag along there.

  2. Hello Efenem =) ..
    Nice blog u have. Btw, if you were to give advice on 3 good training hospitals to choose for Housemanship in Semenanjung M’sia, which 3 would you recommend?

    Thanks so much.

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