Housemanship one year?


Housemanship is one year in University Hospitals?


If you’re asking why am I blogging about this instead of studying, I appreciate your concern thank you.

Anyway, above is taken from MMC’s circular on its directive to extend housemanship from one year to two years. That is old news for everyone, but no one reads the fine prints. In Perkara 3.1 (g) circled in red above, the medical graduates who are posted in HUKM, HUSM and UMMC shall complete only one year of housemanship.

I’m confused. Does this mean that those posted to university hospitals shall be upgraded to UD44 salary grade after one year while the others are stuck another year in UD41? Why are the difference in policy? What medical discipline shall be exempted? I asked these question to the secretary of MMC and he is awaiting answers from other panels.

Perhaps the implementation is still two years instead of one in university hospitals because there’s no outcry “This is unfair! This is unfair!” from anybody. But why does that phrase get into the circular remains a mystery.

Anyway, the general feedbacks from doctors are that housemen in university hospitals do not learn much, won’t be doing too many procedures since they’re competing with Medical Officers (MOs) and registrars who fight to do procedures. The cases are highly specialized. The pros are; the supervision is good and they know medical guidelines like the back of the hand.

On the other hand, in non-university hospitals, housemen will get to experience the bread and butter of medicine, new procedures can be learnt and practice is abundant.


Now, if you’re asking about the practical letters, I won’t tell yeh. If the woman-in-charge decides to avoid communicating with me, there’s nothing you can do about it. Heck, it’s not even my problem! I’ve been doing things that is not even my problem all year long! For example, EPC (I’m MARA-sponsored, it’s not even my money!), Volgames (I don’t like sports), Nizhniy Games money (again, not my money) and latest is practical letter (I’m not doing practicals in Malaysia) among others.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the MSA job. But when what I get is a waste of my money and time, criticisms and slanders from anonymous – it just gets really tiring. Plus, Malaysians in Nizhniy are very passive and boring indeed. They want this want that, but when cooperation and support are needed, they never come forward. Then, if they don’t get what they want, they criticize as if they could’ve done any better. Doesn’t that spell bodoh sombong?

Screw you people! Now I understand how the organizers of Nizhniy Games 2008 must have felt – betrayed, pressured, overworked and unappreciated.

I have to congratulate the new MSA leadership of RSMU. I look forward to your cooperation with the non-existent future MSA of Nizhniy Novgorod. Some people don’t like me as the President, but they don’t want to take the chance to be the President either. As I said, bodoh sombong.


9 thoughts on “Housemanship one year?

  1. Dude, chill! Actually we like you and we want you to stay because you’ve done a great job. As for criticizng tu, rilek je. Jangan layan… Biasalah orang nizhniy memang malas skit. Take it easy. Good luck

    • I am taking it easy. If I take it “not easy”, I’d be swearing a lot that even Malaysia will consider me a national threat, alongside Chin Peng.

      Thanks for the compliment. I’d be staying in MSA still, as advisor, perhaps. MSA would’ve done a greater job than you described if there was cooperation from everyone.

      The road is two-way. If they can criticize, I can do too. This is just a wake-up call and reminder to all Nizhnians that, if you want to get things done, come forward. You can’t simply hope on someone else.

    • I think everyone is too dependent on practical letters.

      So you don’t get it (yet). So what? Can’t you get creative? The first thing to do is to apply to the hospital you desire, not waiting blindly for the practical letters.

      For the time being, I’ll just say YOU WONT GET ANY PRACTICAL LETTER. If you get, you’re lucky. I’ll announce if I know something. For now, nothing for yeh!

      Good luck being creative!

  2. for God sake, just scan last year’s practical letter n edit a bit the details! noone cares bout strongin’s signature whatsoever.. as long as they see those russian alphabets, they’re convinced enough that u r from russia. heck some dont even know the difference btw russia and Ukraine.

  3. love this post.. ^_^
    bout the 1 yr houseman tu, ramai je cam tau..and from what my friends told me, memang they don’t learn much..
    fyi, u’re doing a great job as the MSA president. most of the proud nizhnians here dunno how it is to do things for other ppl FOC, i.e not jz money..but time and energy and studies, and missing lectures, bla bla..u know wut i mean la kan..abaikan the buduh sumbungs…
    and yeah..infectious exam postpone to 25th june~ jom kluar celebrate my birthday !!!!

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