Future MSA plans

I was thinking of running MSA as a professional association; with proper constitution, proper written policies, proper structural organization, proper distribution of responsibilities and excellent transparency. Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t allow me to do everything as I grandly envisioned. Instead, I had to run MSA like a small “kedai runcit” business due to lack of this and that blablabla.

Lacking teamwork and sense of responsibility are probably some of them.


Anyway, I was thinking of doing some fundraising for MSA to make it function better in the future. Depending on how much we will get, first order of business is to reduce the annual MSA membership fee in the next fiscal year. If there are plenty more money, we shall invest that in office supplies for MSA members. If there are plenty more, there shall be a Malaysian Night in a spacious and fancy hall (e.g. hotel). If there are plenty more, that can be used to subsidize or sponsor some programs for Malaysian students (e.g. intervarsity games) and if there are a lot more, we can give allowance to the MSA members as a token of appreciation for their work.

As I said, that depends on how much is received by the Fundraising Committee. The next term’s MSA shall plan on how to properly use the money. I shall resign as President no matter what.

I don’t really care about any other posts in MSA NNSMA, I just want the President to be selected. Once the new President is selected, he or she can pick the members of his or her team. Actually, I do want the other posts such as the executive boards (VP, secretary, treasurer) to be elected in a formal manner as elected representatives in MSA, but since MSA NNSMA is merely a kedai runcit, electing the President should be enough.

If no one wants to be elected as President of MSA NNSMA, I’ll use my own discretion to handpick my own successor.

If there’s really no one wants to be the President of MSA NNSMA for the next term, the Dean’s Office, the embassy, and other authorities will have no way to contact the person in charge of Malaysian students and we shall be deprived of relevant informations. I shall not be dealing with the authorities anymore.

And I’ll simply take the fundraising’s 8% finder’s commission and return the remaining money to the contributors.

You all have two months to think this over, dear Malaysians of NNSMA.

To my fellow seniors, happy graduating and I wish you all well wherever you practice.


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