Pre-departure snippets


  • I have a naughty idea that H1N1 is created by the US government to keep off Mexicans from entering the United States but that plan backfired. The US is now the main hub of H1N1.
  • Anyway, H1N1 is not really that dangerous, particularly in European and Asian regions. The death rate is really low.
  • What I do not understand is why WHO and the governments reporting all cases they have accumulated so far since 2 months ago. For instance, if a country gets 100 cases of H1N1, does it mean the 100 cases since the first H1N1 outbreak started or are the 100 cases occurring at the same time?
  • Of course since it is since the first time it started, which was 2 months ago.
  • Malaysia, for example, has 68 cases currently. Are the 68 cases occurring at the same time? Of course it’s not! The 68 cases was since mid May 2009. And the course of flu is normally just one week.
  • The number 68 is panicking people, while in reality it’s probably about 15 people currently getting treatment and the rest have been fully recovered and/or immunized.
  • Why are they not reporting the numbers of people who have recovered? Is it all about pessimism nowadays?
  • It’s not cool panicking people like that, making the Oseltamivir producers and distributors rich.
  • It’s also not cool because I had to cancel my Spain trip and leave early for Malaysia today! Lucky I have summer plans with someone in the land above the sea under the flying hornbills.


Burka ban

  • Sarkozy, the President of France, decided to ban burka for the reason that dressing like that is oppressive to women (I might misquote this, but what da heck, all Westerners have been badly brainwashed already).
  • The burka itself is no big deal, but it’s a big deal when Sarkozy singled out the Muslim community. Singling out is another fancy term for discrimination.
  • France has the largest Muslim population in Europe, but the integration of Muslim population (especially of middle eastern and African origin) and the French people is very very poor.
  • The UK has done slightly a better job than France on integration of Muslim community into their population. I see lots of women in burka and niqab while I was strolling Hyde Park and everyone seemed OK with it. Even Malaysia doesn’t have this many women wearing burkas!
  • Even girls wearing hijab can walk along with her two blonde girlfriends for shoe-shopping. Men with small white cap and long white robe are always greeted with smiles and handshakes from their white companions. This doesn’t happen in France.
  • The France I thought was beautiful isn’t that beautiful anymore.



  • I thought of doing some good for Nizhniy people before I step down; fundraising for MSA.
  • But no one showed up to the meeting.
  • Only one sent me email to participate, and the other two expressed interest.
  • I think me and my secretary has wasted time preparing guidelines, letters, receipts for nothing. I thought when commissions are given, Nizhniy people would be more enthusiastic. Obviously, I’m wrong. Nizhnians are not in any way would like to help its own community.
  • Probably it’s because of series of financial scandals cursing Malaysians in Nizhniy that happen year after year.
  • If we let scandals get in our way, nothing can ever be done for the community.
  • For the time being, my summer will have nothing to do with MSA. As of now, no one can ask for my favor or ask me questions that is related to my job. If there’s relevant information or announcement from Dean’s Office or Embassy, I shall withhold that information and announcement, until the new President is elected.
  • For those who want to contribute, you can pass the money to the next term’s treasurer.
  • I wish my seniors happy graduating and good luck in your future undertakings. Keep in touch through facebook and visit Efenem’s Weblog always!

3 thoughts on “Pre-departure snippets

  1. H1N1: have a safe journey home! thailand got several cases already.. more than msia.. so beware ya while u r at the airport! kalo x nnt sia2 je cancel ur spain trip! hehe!~

    Burka ban: no comment lah.. but paris will always be in my heart! haha!

    fundraising: my condolences? hehe.. i wish i could help but i myself is pretty busy diz summer. so…

    so, see u in msia!

    • paris will always be in my heart??bes sgt ka paris??i seriusly thot paris sgtla bersepah dgn sampah sarap dan metro die mmg tak bes langsung and eiffel tu sgtla tak lawa.hahaha..way to go sarkozy with that pea sized brain of yours!the more reason to dislike france!huahua

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