Post-arrival snippets


  • Thanks for asking what’s new with me. It shows that you care.
  • What’s new with me is Michael Jackson died.
  • I am not sad because I don’t know him that well.
  • Some say he died a Muslim, some say he was a pedophile. Whether they’re true or not I don’t know.
  • But if he’s a pedophile and he’s a Muslim, is he going to heaven?
  • Yes, according to Islamic belief. That’s why we can see Muslims do all the horrible things in the world, because they know they eventually will end up in heaven after being punished for their horribleness.
  • Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa will end up in hell forever because they are not Muslims. Their good deeds which changed the world shall not be counted after all. And gays too. Gays will go to hell because their prayers and their good deeds are as good as nothing.
  • But Michael Jackson will go to heaven, if and only if he dies a Muslim. Doesn’t matter if he’s pedophile or not. He will go to heaven. That is according to the Islamic belief by the way.
  • Some of you non-Muslims might say “that’s not fair” blabla. But Muslims will simply say, that’s how they believe it and they can do nothing about it.
  • Yes, the Muslims are right. They can do nothing about Islamic belief system. If they try to speak out of the so-called “normal” Islamic belief system, they’d better watch their backs.
  • That’s why we see that Muslims seldom say what they personally believe in in cases like this.
  • It’s never “if it were up to me“. They’d say “according to Islam” or “according to what we Muslims believe“.
  • But I do believe Allah is the most fair. Whatever business in the afterlife is up to Him and Him alone. He will judge Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa and the gays accordingly.
  • Oh, Malaysia is hot and life’s good.

One thought on “Post-arrival snippets

  1. i once heard bout this one analogy which might answer the above-mentioned situation. just imagine that u are a father/mother and u have a child who was caught shoplifting or did something bad.. for sure u will punish ur child for his/her wrongdoing but at the end of the day, u will still love him/her no matter what. will u simply abandon or change ur child with other ppl’s well-behaved child just bcoz ur child did smth bad? i simply dont think so. so yeah, the same for this situation.. eventho other well-behaved, good, (and some other positive traits) kids deserve a good parent like u, still, at the end of the day, u would want ur own child. (not that im saying im against child adoption or smth but i hope u get what i mean… )

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