I have seen a lot of couples breaking up and getting a rebound relationship, even in my med school. I won’t point out who they are, as I won’t meddle into their love lives.  Do you know what is rebound? Here’s something I got from world wide web. Links given.

From Wikianswers

A “rebound relationship” is one in which a person becomes overly quick to commit to a new partner after having experienced an upsetting breakup or divorce. People who have breakups and then immediatley involved themselves with someone else seem to feel the need to prove to themselves they are worthy of love and affection. They may miss the comfort and affection of a regular relationship. But whatever the reason is, it is a selfish reason, one that is based on serving the self esteem and satisfying feeling of personal worth.

Someone loves me and needs me.” It can also be to affirm “I wasn’t at fault in the breakup, this relationship will prove that.” Most of these rebound relationships are not permanent, and they can be even more destructive than the earlier breakup.

From the Relationshipgym

Can you tell if you’re in a rebound relationship?

It’s easy enough to tell if you are still on the rebound. Do you:

  • think of your old partner daily,
  • still experience deep feelings of pain, regret or angst when you think of them or your relationship,
  • repeatedly think over one or a few particular issues within that relationship

What to do to prevent yourself getting into a rebound relationship?

The only thing you can do is to try to establish up front how long it’s been since their previous significant relationship. If it’s less than a month for every year of their relationship then there is a significant chance that they’re still getting over their previous relationship. This is of course only a guideline. But the shorter the break since their last relationship, the more likely your partner is to be still dealing with the issues from it.


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