Sarawak preview (part 1)

I’m back from my 5-day travel in Sarawak. To be honest, this is just a preview of my trip to Sarawak, because I’ll be going to Sarawak again by the end of the month, for 2 weeks. My Sarawak trip is very VIP-like, since I know people who brought me around here and there off the beaten path (unlike someone whose road was already taken in Switzerland ngenge).

I will let the pictures do the talking. I love photos, but I’m not a professional photographer 😦

fb balai

On my way from Kuching to Serikin, Malaysia-Indonesia border about an hour from Kuching. The road to Serikin is so beautiful I had to take a picture of the police station

fb papan tanda

fb on d wayRoad signs along the way to Serikin

fb tankOn the way, I saw some army tanks (lots of them). I really don’t know what they were doing there. Hopefully Malaysia isn’t at war with Indonesia over maid issue

fb hosp bau

fb spital bau

Dropped by Hospital Bau, a district hospital nearest to Kuching. If an MO doesn’t want to be posted far from Kuching, this is a good place for district posting.

fb kampung bau

Kampung Bau scenery on the way to Serikin…

fb serikin

fb serikin market

Serikin market – full of Indonesian vendors. Crowded and unusually hot… Don’t buy their food – it’s not really hygienic. And they also sell some illegal stuffs like telur penyu… And they wont sell telur penyu publicly, they have to whisperrr… “Pak mau telur penyu pak?”

fb kastam serikin

Because of the illegal sales of telur penyu, the customs checkpoint is set up here… Usually people get away with telur penyu when the custom officers are having lunch

fb scv

Now in Santubong, home to the Sarawak Cultural Village. This is a must-go place for those who visit Kuching. Will go there by end of the month.

FB rainforest

Sarawak Cultural Village will host Rainforest Festival on 10th-12th July 2009 with lotsa happenings! 3-day entry is RM250, one day entry is RM90. Argghh I couldn’t go because I went back to KL too early 😦

fb in beach

Now in Damai beach near Santubong, it’s a small beach but a nice one, located near jungle with treehouses where modern people live.

fb tree

The abovementioned treehouse

fb longhouse

And the longhouse


The end of Part I preview 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sarawak preview (part 1)

  1. Cool photos of Sarawak. I always have a thing for Borneo. Can u enlighten me how to go to Sarawak from New Delhi, India?

    Thank u

    • From India, there are several airlines flying direct to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. You can get a connecting flight to Kuching (or Miri, Bintulu or Sibu) with Malaysia Airlines. If you prefer cheaper airlines, you can take Air Asia, but you have to transfer to Low COst Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

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