I have no specific stand on PPSMI (Pengajaran dan pembelajaran sains dan matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris @ Teaching and learning of Science and Math in English). Both have its pros and cons.

Whether it’s the implementation or reversal of PPSMI, the biggest losers are still pupils and students in Malaysia. We have been the guinea pigs of the government all the time.

I pity the current form 1 students in Malaysian public schools. They have been learning math and science in English from standard one in preliminary school, and they shall continue learning in English until PMR. Suddenly, the government decided they should learn science and math in Bahasa Malaysia for SPM! Don’t you just want to give the finger and spit to the government’s face?

This is not about whether I agree or disagree with PPSMI. It’s about sudden implementation and sudden de-implementation.

When my beloved madey wanted to implement PPSMI, I was quite happy actually, but unfortunately it’s not for my batch. I see the need of PPSMI for people like me. I had a very tough transition learning science in English at university level (not to mention in Russian too!).

But my happiness was quite selfish really. The PPSMI implementation back then have a high failure rate. Only urban students and students from elite school benefited from this program, those in kampongs and pedalaman (rural) are the losers. The resources were not enough and low in quality, or the students were simply not into learning in English.

Most people who visited Madey’s blog said NO to the reversal of PPSMI. I guess that should be the voice of the people, when in reality it’s only the voice of his supporters and the supporters can vote as many times as they want using polldaddy!

And I never cared about Anwar Ibrahim’s championing the mother tongue anyway…

2 thoughts on “PPSMI

  1. As for the poll at Madey’s blog, you can only vote once! And, even those who opposed him voted at the blog. I am one of them and a lot of my friends too! So, please look before you leap!

    The biggest challenge to the implementation of PPSMI are the Maths and Science teachers who are simply too lazy to learn/enhance their English language. Back in the 1960s, when the medium of instruction was changed from English to BM, all teachers had to learn BM and all of them did, successfully because being teachers, they saw a need to learn as well. Sadly, this is not the case for the present breed of teachers all of whom are taken in for training at Universities and Teacher Training Institutes based entirely on skin colour, religion and the connections that they had. Only a few came in with merit and these don’t survive long in the profession! I know because I’ve trained teachers for many years!

    Yes, you’re right, Anwar cares for nothing but himself and his desire to be the next PM which will herald an even darker chapter in Malaysia’s history.

    • I voted NO a lot of times from different connections and laptops in the past few days. And for that, I reserve my “leap” that everyone can vote as many times as they want in chedet’s blog.

      Plus, the supposed “people’s voice” in Madey’s blog is a total bullshit… Does madey know that only 25% Malaysian household have internet connection, those in rural areas which supports the government’s reversal cannot vote in chedet’s blog?

      So what people’s voice???

      Whatever government’s policy is, we’re all screwed. The implementation is never right.

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