Penang – family and kampung


Life’s good. I am in Penang’s Gurney Hotel Executive lounge waiting for a friend who promised to belanja if I ever come to Penang… but he never showed up, unfortunately

gurney executip

Luckily I stayed in executive floor… else, I’d be running to Thailand already!

blog - hujan gurney

View from 15th floor of Gurney Hotel to Georgetown. It was raining, as if not welcoming my presence 😦

blog - kereta dlm kebun

New Honda Accord parked in a village

blog - kampung kebun

This is the little bridge on the way to my maternal grandfather’s orchard… After the rain

blog - kebun lagi

Road not taken

blog - kampungan


blog - kebun tokwan

Efenem’s grandfather’s orchard… It’s durian season!

blog - umah balik pulau

After visiting the orchard, we visited grandpa’s bungalow in Balik Pulau, but grandpa’s already moved to Kulim. So nostalgic

blog - sepupu angkat

My adopted cousin – Iman

blog - tokwan man kampung

After Balik Pulau, we drove to Kepala Batas to paternal grandfather’s kampung. The rain was unforgiving…

blog - keluarga


blog - tokwan

With tokwan (grandpa)

blog - tok

With tok (grandma)

blog - fatin

Then we visited Kulim to maternal grandpa’s house. These two in my arms are my AUNTIES… little twin aunties

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