Penang – fruits and foods

This blog entry is dedicated the food I’ve eaten on my Penang trip. A person’s gotta eat, right? 🙂

gurney bekpes

Breakfast Western and Malaysian style in Gurney Hotel – nasi lemak with beancurd sambal, plus sausages, chicken and beef slices… and a glass of chocholate milk. Healthy living, eyh?

blog - durian

As I’ve written before in previous blog post, it’s durian season!!!

blog - moktan manggis

Not to forget these superfruits as well! Rambutan (tico berry) and mangosteen. If you’re concerned about crapping and aging, these are the fruits for you!

blog - jackfruit

And it’s jackfruit season too!

blog - abis makan buah

Oh, with these amount of fruits eaten, I crapped goooooood!

blog - laksa penang

Laksa Penang tepi parit in Balik Pulau. It costs only RM1 and self service. Bunga kantan makes it taste better and cili padi makes it hotter.

blog - ikan bakar din

If you want to dine out in Kepala Batas, I’d suggest this Ikan Bakar Din restaurant. It offers variety of Malay food and seafood.  Last time it was cheap, but now it’s expensive (but still much cheaper than Russia) – but all is still good here.

blog - food served

Among the food served here… ikan bakar, squid sambal, shrimp sambal, grilled beef and chicken etc

blog - udang galah

Oh the shrimps… miss them already!

blog - sotong

My favorite squid sambal…. it’s so good you’d sell yourself just to get a taste of this ngenge

blog - daging sotong

Squid sambal on the left and grilled beef on the right… eat this with your air asam and kicap, you shall feel the umph!

blog - makan2


blog - family feast

family feast

blog - lpas makan


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