Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village, located in Santubong is a must-see place for those who visit Kuching. It portrays the rich cultural diversity of various tribes to one single place; their villages and houses, their costumes and customs, their people, their food and their cultural dances.

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This photo was taken on my first trip to Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) at the main entrance. Entrance fee is RM60 for non-local adults, and for local Sarawakian adults RM25.

1- bidayuh bridge

The first thing to do upon entering SCV is to cross this unique-looking Bidayuh bridge

2- crossed

Crossed the Bidayuh bridge… I have a passport to SCV in my hand for RM60 entry to SCV, the local Sarawakians don’t get one of these stuffs…

4- inside bidayuh house

Inside Bidayuh longhouse… They are known as Land Dayaks because they live in the steep limestone mountains…

5- graining rice

Rice making process in Bidayuh longhouse…

6- bidadayuh

The verandah

7- tegkorak

The Bidayuh headhouse used to execute enemies

9- buat kuih iban

Watching Iban lady frying somekind of kuih I have tasted before but I forgot the name

11- rumah iban

The colorful Iban longhouse’s common space…The Ibans are known as Sea Dayak, built their longhouses to last 15-20 years or until the farm land at the surrounding area is exhausted…

10- tengkorak

The Ibans also have this kind of stuffs

14- penan hut

Penan hut, constructed to last a few weeks or months… The Penans are shy nomadic people who live in the dense jungle of borneo

13- blowpipe

Trying Penan’s blowpipe – its ammunition is made from hardwood dart, and its poison, carefully used to suit the prey is made from upas tree (Antiaris tocixaria)

15- org ulu

At Orang Ulu’s longhouse – built to last many generations… Orang Ulu is the up-river dwellers

16- inside ulu

Inside Orang Ulu’s longhouse

17- sapek

Trying the Sapek – Orang Ulu’s traditional musical instrument


Orang Ulu’s house is so high…


Melanau tallhouse – forty feet above ground

19- healing melano

Healing area in Melanau house

20- inside melanau

Melanau bedroom

12- melanau model

The Melanau model ngenge

21- umah mlayu

In Orang Melayu’s house… bed for newlyweds

22- tarian

Cultural dance performances

23- pasport

The said passport to SCV

23- stamps


23- stampz

And more stamps…

23- security

Crazy security for the Rulers (Sultans) at Hilton hotel… view from room 205 Tune Hotel


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