Jalan-jalan Kuching

Here are photos taken from my Kuching trip, which happened during the 218th Conference of Rulers…

3- depan tune

A sight between Tune Hotel (where I stayed) and Hilton, a minute walk to the happening waterfront, near to Parkson shopping mall… What more can I ask?

1- regatta

Regatta Sarawak – an event where people race with perahu along the waterfront… Race for peace – is the motto

2- jatuh

One of the race boats turned upside down...

3- waterfront

A sight by the waterfront during Regatta

4- baju org ulu

During regatta, there were also traditional hand-made traditional stuffs of Sarawak tribes on display… This is the dress for Orang Ulu ladies, decorated with colorful beads

4- batik sarawak

Pua Kumbu – is a traditional patterned multicolored ceremonial cotton cloth used by the Iban, made and used in Sarawak, Malaysia. Pua kumbu are woven by Dayak women and are considered to be sacred objects. They are used for lifecycle rituals and special events including the birth of a child, coming of age celebrations, receipt of an important item to a longhouse, and to screen a corpse that is being laid out in a longhouse prior to burial.

5- batik process

Pua kumbu making process

6- home stuffs

Something for your home

7- handcrafts

Nice onessome handcrafts for your home

5- polis

Security madness due to Conference of Rulers in Kuching… Sirens wailing every 10 minutes to bring about the VVIPs here and there, including high tea

6- DUN baru

This one costs the Sarawak taxpayers RM 300 million… Quite a beautiful landmark for Sarawak tho 🙂

7- india street

India Street – similar to TAR of KL

8- padang merdeka

Padang Merdeka

9- kch aman

Kuching is so damn clean and peaceful I can practically lie down on the street and no one will bother me ngengeKidding!

9- nightlife

Kuching nightlife, on the night the new DUN building was officially launched by the King

10- srwk maju

11- srwk maju

12- srwk maju

13- srwk maju

13- srwk maju-1

14- srwk maju

A few photos of colourful kapal berhias of various participating sponsors marching proudly along the waterfront passing the new DUN Sarawak building

15- fireworks

15- fireworks-1

20-minute fireworks marking the finishing of kapal berhias march and launching of the new DUN building and special regatta

1- zoom

Cuti-cuti Malaysia!!! Borneo has lots to offer!

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