Spelunking at Wind and Fairy caves

The next trip I went was spelunking, or exploring caves in Borneo… They were Fairy Cave and Wind Cave. Of course it’s not as big as Mulu which is as large as 16 football fields, but nevertheless spelunking in those caves were awesome!

1- wind cave

First trip was Wind cave, which is located near Bau, a 30-minute drive away from Kuching… Admission fee for this cave is RM3 per person.

3- using cam to lead the way

It was dark inside here I used my new Olympus camera to see the path ahead…some of us brought torch lights, some just borrowed from the guard

6- arrows  arrows

Arrows showing us where to go next, but to me it’s useless because they are totally opposite of where we were supposed to go

5- still steady g

Still steady in the dark πŸ™‚

7- chilling resting

Out from the cave rested in the hill for a while with fellow med schoolmates…

8- finished strenous climb

Happy faces of spelunkers

9- spot the bats

Did you spot the bats?

10- fairy cave

Spelunking at Fairy Cave… Admission is free πŸ™‚

11- stairs to fairy cave

The stairs we had to climb before reaching the entrance to Fairy Cave

12- climbing

More climbing inside Fairy Cave… This particular site was windy and it felt good to hang on this ladder

12- inside fairy

Inside the Fairy Cave at its peak… Beautiful tho… The most important thing is that the calories we burnt πŸ™‚

13- whats there

Fairy cave has better lighting and bigger hole… This hole leads to a really high hill overlooking the ground where we came from

14- quite high

Really high!

14- blue lake

Finish spelunking Fairy Cave, we went to this Blue Lake @ Tasik Biru where the scenery was really awesome…

14- tasik biru

The lake also was really blue…

15- arsenic

But unfortunately… Arsenic!

16- damn the haze

On my way back to Batu Kawa where I stayed… But damn this haze of Borneo blocking my view of the Sun.

24 thoughts on “Spelunking at Wind and Fairy caves

  1. cepat kata thanx sbb tanpa jatdeng anda xtau keseronokan mempunyai debit card! lps ni pegi switzerland blk yer beli choc guna debit card.. haha..
    oh jatdeng x minat org byk bulu.. so ok la tu org switzerland. haha.

  2. sng citer..hujan emas di negara org hujan batu kat negera sendiri… lebih baik kat negara sendiri…. sarawak sik best..

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