Sarawak food

Sarawak has plenty of specialties, and one of them is the food. Malaysians love food… Heck, Malaysians are united by food. If there’s anything that 1Malaysia is good for, it’s good for the Malaysian food. Anything else, I don’t know.

Here are some food that you should taste once you are in Sarawak… Some food may look the same or have the same name but some stalls or restaurants are better than the others. So, you must have insider information on which one is good and which one is disgusting. Here are the foods you can’t get in the Peninsula…

century noodle

This is century noodle from Chilli Peppers restaurant… The noodle is crispy, tastes same like claypot noodle.

chicken wings

Chicken wings… You don’t need any sauce to eat this with, it’s already spiced and hot and not to mention very yummy… This chicken wings can be bought outside Bimmer’s Cafe

mushroom soup

Mushroom soup at Java Juice

mixed grill

Mixed grill of lamb and chicken and cholesterol and trans-fat


This is ice cream for dessert at Java Juice

fish butter rice

Butter fish with rice from NK restaurant… The butter itself will make you full 🙂

ginger beef rice

Ginger beef with rice from NK restaurant with brown sauce

jus pisang hijau

Green banana juice… or syrup… Don’t care, it’s so good that I had to drink all three of those

kek lapis

This is the most beautiful and colorful cake in the world… Layered cake or kek lapis… It tastes much better than swiss chocolate!!

mee kolok

mee kolok special

This is my all-time favorite… Mee Kolok special from Benteng Satok! It’s so good everytime I go to Benteng, I must order 2 sets of mee kolok. This particular stall in Benteng opens only after midnight until 4 am. No amount of Russian caviar and cheese will ever be as good as a bowl of mee kolok Benteng Satok.

lyechee kang

The super hot mee kolok must be paired with this lye chee kang… This one is so special it has a fruit named “kembang semangkuk” to cool your body down after a hot bowl (or two) of mee kolok…

mee pok

Mee pok – quite similar to mee kolok but tastes different


This tomyam may look ordinary, but let not the look fool you… There’s this restaurant outside town, something with Garden, which serves the best Tomyam I’ve tasted everOne bowl of tomyam can serve 2-3 people, I had two and half of those… Do the math!

sago gula melaka

sagu gula melaka

Sago gula melaka is a great dessert and drink in NK restaurant… The sweetness of that sago will make you wanna order two of those 🙂


Linut- Melanau foodmade from sago. It’s like gum but eaten with sambal belacan… Sarawak’s sambal belacan has anchovies in it

spagetti kak odah

Spageti kaw kaw Kak Odah hehehe… This one I can cook!

Salam ramadhan dan selamat berpuasa!

3 thoughts on “Sarawak food

  1. ergh.. i hv to disagree on the kek lapis! it has too much artificial coloring to make it more ‘beautiful’ 😛 n better than swiss choc?? u gotta be kidding me… nothing beats the swiss choc! 😀

  2. Hi, i would like to recommend a cheap and quality food paradise!!

    Recently, i visited my far relative in Sarawak, if not wrong the road name is Jalan Nanas, Happy Garden area and i tried a stall, which operating from the house selling kolomee and laksa at night, e unit located at the end side..i find the kolomee and the laksa are superb…

    i never expect such a food standard at such a ‘Ulu’ (meaning secluded) place!!..Recommend for all the food lovers and Malaysians!!

    cheap and nice!!


    Visitor from Singapore


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