Drinking Beer


  • Kartika-drank-beer story has put Malaysia in a spotlight about enforcement of Shariah laws in Malaysia. She is sentenced with 6 lashes, RM 5000 fine and/or 3 years imprisonment.
  • The are some issues that can be brought up such as corporal punishments. Is corporal punishment still relevant at this civilized age?
  • Human rights group and ultra-feminists seem to condemn corporal punishments to Kartika. I think they are not clever.
  • If I were her, I’d rather take the six lashes and move on with my life. It’s not like we Malaysians haven’t experience any of the rotan lashes in childhood.
  • 3 years jail time is a bit too much for me, and mentally torturous. And I can buy a brand new laptop with 5000 bucks.
  • I’d take the six lashes. According to Shariah law, lashes should only be mild, not torturous. Of course there is humiliation (and so does imprisonment), but at least can recover faster and move on with life.
  • Can Kartika’s kids survive with their mom 3 years behind bars? I think the lashes are far more humane.
  • Then there’s another issue: interference to our personal lives by the religious police.
  • Drinking a bottle of beer won’t make you drunk. But vodka and tequila surely would.
  • Families are destroyed with alcohol. Many road accidents are caused by alcohol. Then there’s alcoholism. Delirium tremens. Blabla… the bad effects of alcohol.
  • Some years ago, the South Korean police would leave drunk husbands who hit their wives and kids alone. Personal matter, as they quoted.
  • But now, South Korea enforces its police to arrest drunk and dangerous husbands. That’s surely personal matter, but the police still have to arrest the drunkards, else that family would be severely traumatized.
  • What’s putting Kartika in a spotlight is that she alone is being punished for drinking beer in Malaysia right now, as if there are no other Malaysian Muslims who drink beer.
  • I don’t like to be raided by the religious police either. In fact, I question if this raid is even Islamic.
  • But if you’re saying that alcohol is personal between you and God only and nobody else would be affected, you’re wrong.

2 thoughts on “Drinking Beer

  1. Assalamu’alaikum. You have some very good points here. I hope that the liberalists get to read your blog. Is it ok if I link your blog to mine?

    Sisters in Islam (SIS) said that whipping is inhumane but have they studied the procedures of syariah whipping? No, I don’t think so. SIS is a shame to muslim women. They downgrade women due to their misunderstanding of the Al-Quran without the knowledge of sanad, nahu and other various Al-Quran knowledge. MasyaAllah…

    May Allah bless you for putting your point across your blog.

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