September Snippets

  • I have to congratulate the new MSA (2009/2010) for doing a very efficient job, although they took office no more than 2 weeks ago. They handled the first years and the meeting with Malaysian delegations very well.
  • It’s still early to say, but so far they’re one fine team.
  • They have this new, fresh and positive energy that makes everything work. This is the attitude we need for MSA!
  • They form partnership with students from various student bodies, thus making more people willing to cooperate to service our small Malaysian community.

  • We should always try giving back to the community we are in. I know some people who are already in their 3rd and even 4th year of service under MSA! That is indeed a very great service.
  • The new JPA officer in Moscow told us that he only recognizes MSA to deal with students in Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy. It does not mean other student bodies are not important, it just means that MSA is an official liaison between student and the federal government of Malaysia through His Excellency the ambassador.
  • The others can simply partner up with MSA and make 1Malaysia dream come true. Yay!


Woof woof

  • Now let’s talk about this “woof woof” incident that makes efenem notorious.
  • I have to admit I was not right in my sense of language and generalization, but I do not wish to apologize for the time being.
  • The Malays say “cakap tu biarlah berlapik” or you must talk tactfully. But if I made a super-ultra tactful status for example “I am disappointed with some people who disrespect some people…”, people will ask who’s some people A and who’s some people B? Would they pay the slightest attention to this some peoples?
  • So I decided to add in a little bit more character, the “woof woof”, and my status got immediate attention.
  • People say that you can get either love or respect, never both. I do not know how true is this.
  • If I ever wanted love, I can simply say “You guys are awesome!”. But I did not.
  • After the “woof woof” incident, I don’t expect to get either. But I want some of my peers to get more respect right now.
  • They’re various reasons for my disappointment, for example when I needed them to cooperate for Malaysian Night last year, they were very reluctant. Some people went shopping, some went to Moscow, some are simply lazy and rebellious. But I was patient back then.
  • Some 6th yrs and I had to do a very time-consuming Raya job I never wanted to do in the first place, while some juniors did simpler stuffs (some simply handled the first years and went to bed!), then I got really pissed.
  • Even if there were some misunderstandings and miscommunication somewhere with this Raya thingy, shit already happened. Somebody has to be whacked!
  • We do not want people who just lived in a community for one year to act as if they’ve lived for five years, bypassing the 3rd years, the 4th years, and the 5th years.
  • I’m open if anyone wants to talk about this with me, face-to-face.

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