Winter Travels and whatnots (I)

It’s November already. Medical students in Nizhniy are excited to go places for winter holidays. I’m sure everyone’s got their own travel tips, but I’d like to pitch in as well, specifically for med students in NNSMA, speaking from experience.

#1 – Finish your exams! Only then you shall travel with satisfaction…

#2 – Have at least RM5000. Although your budget might be as low as RM2000 (how is that humanly possible??!), please have something extra in cases of emergency. Credit cards are very useful.

Where to go?

This is the most important question. Pick a destination first, only then you pick the airline. If you pick the airline first (cheap promotions, discounts, winter special offers etc) you might not like where you go. There are many routes to get to your desired destinations, especially with the rise of cheap airlines in Europe.

1st years – are still new to traveling out from Russia and going back inside. So, they need to be accompanied by seniors. They need to get used to knowing the traveling system in and out of Russia and Europe, especially the bureaucratic parts. Getting out of Russia is easy, but getting back in might be problematic to the untrained souls. These people can travel wherever they like, but they shouldn’t be too adventurous wishing to travel all over Europe.

2nd years – it’s nice to get out of Russia for a while after the hellish Anatomy exam, but they have less than two weeks for traveling. So I’d suggest not-so-adventurous travel for these people also. You can meet up your friends in the UK, Ireland, Egypt, Germany, France etc… Choose one country and enjoy it! Do not attempt to go two or three countries because you won’t get to enjoy the best part that country has to offer.

3rd years – ahh the joy of being a 3rd year! You can plan a 3-week or even 4-weeks holiday! But seriously, 3 weeks should be enough to dent your pocket and you’d probably be wearing the same boxer for the fourth time upon your flight back to Russia. The third years have the longest winter holidays of all people because microbiology exam finishes early. Some choose to go back to Malaysia, but the wisest chooses to travel Europe 🙂 The third years should travel all over Europe and can be as adventurous as they wish to be! Just be prepared to getting RM5000 out of your hands (plus RM2000 if your destinations include UK and Switzerland). Winter being winter, you should choose your destinations wisely, plan your activities for short daylight and long nights. Suggested Western European destinations may include Italy and Spain (they have longer daylights) and Germany (cheap flight connections all over Europe and Russia). Central European countries Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria shouldn’t be missed.

4th years  and 5th years –These people should already be very experienced in traveling Europe. They know the inside out of Europe – when asked to point out where is Krakow on the map, they won’t have any problem with that! They should know the cheapest way to travel to point A to point B, getting accommodations, budgets and whatnots.

6th years – final year students should make the best out of the ultra-short winter holidays. Choose the destination you really want to go and go for it! It’s your final year being here anyway. Exotic destinations like the Baltics, the Mediterranean and Balkans, Eastern European countries, Greece and Turkey are getting popular.

Well, that’s it for tonight. More will come. Why not take a travel poll HERE…? Also travel tips from a fellow 6th year – Shou Zhi.

8 thoughts on “Winter Travels and whatnots (I)

  1. Go back to Malaysia only if you have an aim. Chinese new year this time will not coincide with your winter holidays. Missing family is one thing, but experience is another thing that you won’t be able to get until you have the time.

    Travelling is not a competition. So don’t brag about it. It’s something to be enjoyed and relax.

    However I think at least RM5000 is a little bit too much? Hehehe it depends on which country and how many you would visit. Anyway, the more money the better right?

    For those who’d like to live with the locals, try . Jatdin and I are 2 active couchsurfers and we did save up lodging fee. You should try this if only you were bold enough.

    • RM5000 is just to play safe in cases of emergency… Usually RM3000 is already enough 🙂
      Traveling should be relaxing, not stressful for competitions… ngenge

  2. walao~ how about travel from 5th hostel to 3rd n 1st hostel or to hospital for 2 weeks winter posting elective during winter holiday?? so far, that my biggest plan.. ^_^

  3. Haih… nak balik pun susah…
    The dean office always gives those homesick 3rd year problems! even though ALL CYCLE will finish early, say 18/12, they also will give us problems not to sit exam earlier and go home earlier….
    Different people has different approaches and get different outcomes…. why cant they systematized it…
    grant EVERYONE the desire outcomes…. sad….
    any tips? haha

    • Hoho I dont know about the new system implemented by the Dean… When I was 3rd year, I took exam early and took off from Russia early too… Maybe the system has changed! You 3rd years should write a collective letter to the Dean asking that you want this and this… See how that works. 🙂

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