Winter Travels (IV) – What To Do?

 Salzburg 011

This entry is a continuation of Winter Travel (I), Winter Travel (II) and Winter Travel (III).

Once you’ve reached your desired destination, what should you do? Different people have different interests and styles, so this blog post is totally from my own experience and interests. You can totally disregard any part of this post if you think it’s not suitable for you.

Upon Arrival at The Airport

  1. Withdraw some Euros, or any other local currencies equivalent to RM1000.
  2. Go to the toilet (Don’t underestimate this one yaa)
  3. Get the free map of the city and its places of interests.
  4. Find the metro train or airport bus to bring you to city center.
  5. Find the place of accommodation; hostel, couchsurfing or friend’s house.

What To Do?

Before traveling, make sure you pack important stuffs. I do not mean toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, towels and all that. If you forget to bring those things, you can easily buy new ones in Europe. What I mean are your cameras, memory cards, iPod, mobile phones, chargers, external hard disk, USB and laptop.

People always underestimate the power of laptop during winter travels. Once your memory cards are full with your photos, do you want to delete those memories away, or transfer the photos to your laptop before emptying the memory cards? Let’s say if you have nothing to do in long and cold winter nights of Europe, do you suppose you’d go to internet cafe and pay €2 an hour for the internet when your hosts provide free wireless?

 rome 23 jan 2181

Must-seeAsk your hosts (hostel receptionists, couchsurfers, friends) before heading to the town. They will recommend the most important places to go to, which ones are closed, which ones are good, which ones are boring. Tell them about your interests. For me, I must see the famous castles, they are not usually located in the middle of the town, so I must hunt them down. In the cities, I always get to the famous landmarks and important sightseeing sites, including the Old Towns. I am no fan of museums, so I skipped a lot of museums to save my time. There were some interesting museum like the one in Paris, the Louvre and the ship museum in Stockholm. There are lots of interesting churches in one city, so I pick the most famous one and the 2nd most famous church shall not be receiving my visit.

Must-do – Lots of exciting stuffs to do in Europe, depending on the cities and towns. Some offers flying on hot air balloon, some offers bungee jumping, some offers river cruise, some offers lots of shopping etc. You can find interesting stuffs to do in your destination in wikitravel, other travel websites and travel books. The best thing is to approach your hosts first to get some advice.

Shopping – shopping for souvenirs can be at the tour sites, bazaars, shopping malls, train stations or airports. Cooking by yourself is a cheap alternative to dining out, so find a supermarket for grocery shopping. Don’t forget fruits.

Dining out – ask your hosts to find out the cheapest yet delicious place for dining out.

At Night – hang out with your friends or meet new people to do something fun at night. Else, long winter nights can be boring.

Do not rush to visit or do 3 things in a day! Rushing is not enjoyable for the trip and may annoy your travelmates. Pick 2 of your most favorite places and take your time to enjoy them. If you still have time after that, go ahead for the third and fourth one.

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