What I watch in my free time (I)

Free time in Russia can be a bit boring. Sometimes it’s hard to go out because of the unfavorable weather, sometimes our brains are ready to explode if we study too much, sometimes we need something to watch when we are having dinner. Whatever our reasons are, we do watch stuffs.

Come unlimited internet (read: civilization) to Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy pressured by the unlimited competition with the USB broadband, most of us can keep up with our favorite series. I shall comment on the series I watch one by one.

Family Guy

A group picture of a cartoon family, with a father, mother, son, daughter, baby and dog.


Family Guy is absolutely the most hilarious cartoon I ever watched! It is about a dysfunctional family who lives in Quahog, Rhode Island. Its jokes are mostly about American culture, and some of them are offensively racist, sexist, chauvinist and Islamophobic.

Peter Griffin, the main character in white shirt and green pants is mentally-retarded and the most funny of all. Stewie, the talking baby is very evil but intelligent, has confusing sexual orientation and has adult mannerism. Meg, the daughter is always been discriminated in family due to her unpopularity. The most humanly character is Brian, the dog.

It’s stupid, it’s nonsensical, it’s obscene, it’s vulgar, it’s crazy but it’s so funny you want to laugh your guts out! I’d rate this cartoon 9 out of 10 (10 being the highest score).


How I Met Your Mother


This sitcom is about five young adults in New York City with a lot of love dramas. HIMYM is basically the newer version of FRIENDS only the former uses a bar as a hangout place, while the latter uses coffee shop.

Ted Mosby is the main character and tells the tales of how he meets his wife, but up till now, no one knows who it is yet. Barney Stinson is the most lively character, he is a playboy with a lot of tips to dating namely the Bro-code, Barney’s blog, the Playbook etc.

This one is 8.5 out of 10 for me.


The Office


The Office is a mockumentary comedy of everyday lives of American workplace in Scranton, Pennsylvania which sells paper. The characters in The Office vary, gives life to the sitcom itself.

The jokes are based around Michael Scott, the Regional Manager or the boss in this comedy. His jokes make people around him feel very awkward. There are also some office pranks made by the young office workers, hysterical woman, inappropriate woman, farm guy, old guy, black guy, the temp and so on so forth.

Unlike other sitcoms, the characters in The Office have sucky lives and lifestyles. It will totally make you feel better about your life. This is 8.5 out of 10.



Bleach is a Japanese anime based on a manga by Tite Kubo. It tells the tales about soul-reapers (Shinigami) who allegedly balance the world of life and death and adventures of a boy from the human world named Kurosaki Ichigo (the main character) who was turned into a soul-reaper.

The story gets exciting when a captain-class Shinigami, Aizen Sosuke was killed. There are lots of conspiracies and battles since then. The varying characters and powers among the captain-class Shinigami definitely give color to the story.

I’d give this 8 out of 10.


The Big Bang Theory


TBBT is a sitcom about a group of nerds and a dumb blonde trying to live their lives. These geniuses have PhD in their respective fields of science and jokes about science, comics, general knowledge and anything else that nerds joke about. Observing these people trying to live their lives outside the comfort zone (Science) is definitely fun.

I’d give this a 7 out of 10.


Will be continued…


6 thoughts on “What I watch in my free time (I)

  1. HIMYM is the ultimate comedy for me…and even though Barney Stinson is an absolutely horrible person, i think the show would be super dull without him in it!
    nway, CRIMINAL MINDS is a show you guys must watch…best series ever

  2. I love famguy to the max, perhaps too much for a medical student and that it makes me degenerated like Peter Griffin. Ngehehehe.

    Some say South Park is the best. But I think South Park is more to the vulgar side of the world, and also the quality of the cartoon is so 2-dimensional. It’s not as lively as FamGuy.

    Ohhhhh I just love famguy, the more ridiculous it gets, the more I love it.

    Oh yeah Bleach is cool. It does appear a lil’ bit boring when you always see the main character, Kurosaki Ichigo activates his Bankai almost everytime in every episodes after he discovered about that.

    And the whole plot is about saving this big-boobed girl who’s emo and weak. It’s too overrated at this point, but still overwhelming me. LOL

  3. Well, obviously, you know my opinion of Family Guy already. The Office is a British transplant on American television, and the few eps of the original (where Ricky Gervais got his big break) are pretty good, too. In fact, this one’s a natural for remake elsewhere, and I’m surprised there’s not a Russian version of it already. There’s also a French version and a Canadian version for the French-speaking market.

    I knew the American version would work when the UK original was compared favorably to the move OFFICE SPACE, which, as an IT worker, I consider holy writ.

    And HIMYM is one of those shows I’ll likely start watching when the reruns move to syndication (common practice in US television.) I’ve heard good things, but have had little time to watch it.

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