Flu epidemic

Aaaarrrrrghhh is the appropriate response to the one week “holiday” announcement.

Flu epidemic is bad and quarantine is needed. That is no doubt. But what I mind the most is when the schedule is interrupted.I don’t mind replacing classes, but I do mind my holidays disturbed.

MSA please don’t push the academic calendar forward… It’s not favorable for no one because no one will be motivated to study on holidays where they should be somewhere less crazier than Russia. Push for evening classes, if need class replacement.

Most of us already bought tickets to somewhere… Deanery will say "not our problem, you still need to replace classes", but in reality, they suck out all our money so of course its not their problem… Anyone ever successfully get financial claim from these people?! Heck, they even suck MSA money for sport hall and subsidizing their stupid sports teacher on intervarsity games. They don’t care about our money, they only care theirs. I bet they won’t care about our holidays too. Call me paranoid, I am really expecting the worst here.

So again, do not push the academic calendar. If need replacements, just discuss with our teachers. I’m sure our beloved teachers do not want their holidays interrupted too.

I really hope that this “one week holiday” thingy is a prank by the Dean’s office! Those who have flu, I wish you well.


5 thoughts on “Flu epidemic

  1. no they dont.. they only hospitalize pt with confirmed diagnosis of h1n1 with moderate-severe condition like complicated by pneumonia or other complications. and throat swab also is not done in all patients. the method itself is expensive so when there are indications to do so, only then they will do.

  2. Yes, the system here is too weird. Flu patients who can be managed outpatient are hospitalized altho they have no risk factors to unstable conditions or acute respiratory failure.

    They even hospitalize patients with hypertension and diabetis for regular check up. Like WTF?!~ Probably they recuperate better at the hospital than at their homes. Some of them have really poor home conditions tho.

    At least today is better than few years ago when the patients themselves need to bring syringes for injections!

  3. They hospitalize in the US, too, and they get really freaked out if it’s H1N1.

    How’s broadband in your city? Do they have the capability of putting some of the classes online? Wouldn’t recommend it for some classes, obviously, but for anything dealing with theory or business or humanities (language, literature, history, etc.), it works really well.

    That said, I hope I never take a math class online.

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