The punching bag

In the MSA blog there is one chatbox on the top right. It was created during my time, there is no specific purpose to the chatbox except to act as a punching bag for frustrated blog visitors. The chatbox has no official function to the MSA and Malaysian Students in NNSMA.

It is centered around how bad MSA is doing its job, although there are compliments and suggestions as well. The blog visitors, Nizhnians or otherwise, surely made that chatbox lively. But I repeat, the chatbox has no official function.

If people are frustrated on how MSA works, they can bash MSA anonymously in the chatbox. But please be informed that MSA is not answerable to anyone in the chatbox. I advised the new President and VP, they should simply ignore all the complains, criticisms and suggestions in the chatbox.

I told them if the people are serious enough to complain, criticize or suggest, they should write a formal letter to the MSA and put their signatures in it. If that is done, then MSA should take it seriously.

When I opened the chatbox and anonymous comments in the blog, I was hoping for good suggestions during our EPC hot debate last year. But now, there is seriously lacking of good ideas.

Some racist hooligans criticizing some MSA personnel who didn’t write in English and bashing MSA for not telling them about the epidemic flu holiday. Then, got some other people defending the MSA. That’s what makes the MSA blog lively.

MSA Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy has very limited resources and so many students to handle. The President must take calls almost everyday and run errands to the administrative office in Minin Square. I’ve been there, the previous presidents have been there. Sometimes, MSA has to take the workload of Foreign Students Union (FSU) because FSU is so dysfunctional.

We wanted to create a system, but the system cannot be created due to lacking cooperation from the students.

MSA is really stepping up from just organizing Malaysian Night and intervarsity games to something much more. But handling students who are just about “taking” rather than “giving” can be very very tough.

Step up, if you think you can do better. Don’t want?? Apparently not everyone can take the heat of being criticized in the MSA blog “punching bag”.

Only people who don’t want to be taken seriously complain in the chatbox. Selamat hari raya aidiladha to all!

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