What I watch in my free time (II)

This blog post is a continuation of What I watch in my free time (I)

Since it is Aidiladha, I would like to write about how Ismail is the sacrifice of Ibrahim instead of Ishak (not like the Jews and Christians are taught). But since I lack sources to refer to, I’d go with the TV series. Plus, it’s an epidemic flu holiday… 🙂

Grey’s Anatomy

This drama follows the lives of surgical residents in fictional Seattle Grace Hospital. It doesn’t really show the reality of the lives of the surgeons, but the drama surely gives a lot of scoops into their personal and professional lives.

Though the drama has ridiculous love stories, messed up timeline and wrong depiction of surgeons, the inspiration to being a great surgeon is not at all loss. The surgeons are really invested in their patients, residents struggle to be the best surgeon ever, balancing professional and personal lives etc.

My rating for Grey’s Anatomy is 9 out of 10.



Another doctor drama in the Emergency Room in Chicago. This TV series has ended its production earlier this year at its 15th season. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy, this medical drama is less lovey-dovey and focuses a lot more on doctors’ chaotic works in the ER.

The chaotic life in the ER with cases you have never seen before certainly gives quite an impression. There’s quite a few medical stuffs you can learn from this drama. The cast and characters really bring the show to life. It is the only medical drama that makes me feel that I am there.

I rate this 8 out of 10.


House MD

House cast

This doctor drama is based around one medical genius, Gregory House, who leads a team of diagnosticians taking the most puzzling cases to solve. His approach to the patients is unconventional. That, plus his addiction to vicodin and inappropriate sense of humor towards everyone he meets.

To me, this show is undoubtedly genius, but not so much with the inspiration. Some of House’s witty comments can make you laugh hard. You don’t have to be a medical student or a doctor to enjoy this show.

This is 7.5 out of 10.


Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives drama follows a group of women living in Wisteria Lane who struggles with their family and work lives, living with suburban neighbors while facing affairs, secrets, crimes and mysteries behind the doors of their homes. The narrator usually talks about some lessons behind the stories of the housewives at the end of each episodes. 

This chick flick shows various colors and shades in its characters, not simply black and white like some Malay movies (no offense intended). It makes us understand why people act the way they do… This comedy drama is a hit and a definite must see.

I give this one a 9 out of 10.


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is your one and only source to the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elites. It follows the personal lives of a group of overprivileged teenagers attending elite schools, colleges, bars, clubs, galas with their own kinds of lavish lifestyles.

It has very few moral lessons, but it’s certainly interesting to see the rich kids play with each other. The only message is; money can buy high-fashioned clothes but cannot buy happiness.

7 out of 10.



Lost is the drama of survivors of plane crash landed in tropical island in the Pacific. Each episode features a storyline from one of the characters before the plane crash, plus the story in the island itself. The island is full of mysteries; the hatch, Dharma initiative, the hostiles, Jacob etc.

This story always keeps me guessing and wanting to watch the next episode. It totally got me engaged. The show is full of plots, tons of connections between the characters and tie ins with real life history and culture. The setting of the island is breathtaking. This isn’t a story you can watch in random order and miss one here and there and still enjoy just as much. It is a continuous story, that if you miss an episode means you miss a lot. It needs to be watched from the pilot episode.

This drama is 9.5 out of 10.


The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is still a new drama. It tells the tales of humans and vampires in a small town which in its blackest history has been dealing with a lot of supernatural issues. Teenager Elena Gilbert (the human) falls in love with Stefan Salvatore (the vampire), so there are lots of teen dramas too.

The drama’s full of mysticism. It seems to be following the same storyline of Twilight, but much more intense and thrilling after each episode. It’s Twilight, but much much better.

7 out of 10. You can guess how low I’d rate Twilight…



Heroes focuses on a group of unique people with special powers throughout the world. Some are just discovering their powers, some already had them for a long time. Their different types of powers, some more powerful than the others, are the foundation of this story.

It is an intriguing story that makes me guess what will happen next, but the storyline is getting complex and confusing and the characters are just too many. It has lost its original excitement, but I keep watching it.

This is 7.5 out of 10.


Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty is a comedy drama series revolving around an unpopular, sweet-natured girl from Queens lacking fashion sense working in a high profile New York City fashion magazine. It has a lot of colorful characters.

What I love the most is the positive message the show sends about loving yourself despite size, ethnicity, social status or sexual orientation. Ugly Betty is a show for all the underdogs out there.

It’s 8 out of 10.


Nur Kasih

Nur Kasih is a Malay soap, unlike other Malay dramas being aired on TV its storyline is unconventional, not black and white. It’s a story about a bad boy turn good.

It’s great, most Malays love it. I will try.

6 out of 10.

8 thoughts on “What I watch in my free time (II)

  1. i like this season’s greys anatomy and house better than previous season. its more lively with new character and love twist. haha. i bet christina and that trauma guy wont last that long.

    but i always like ugly betty and desperate housewives.. like u said, it makes ppl realize that there are reasons why ppl act a certain way and everyone was always initially a good person at heart until they encounter some unavoidable circumstances that made them do smth they’re not so proud of. and i just love the quotes at the end of every series! 🙂

    heroes has gone from bad to worse to be honest especially for hiro nakamura, dr suresh and matt parkman’s part. erghh! in the end, everyone ends up having power, or hiro went back to the past to correct something, the deads are brought back to live again and the cycle continues..

    oh ye, u watch too many series..! arent u suppose to study for ur upcoming exam? 😛

  2. I totally agree that Heroes is confusing. But the best is Prison Break. Nothing tops Prison Break. Michael Scofield is a genius. It’s the only one TV series worth watching! But it has finished…

    I like Lost, but I missed several episodes already.

    I watched Nur Kasih last night and it was really great.

    The reviews you put are great…

  3. I am a real hard core GA fan and cant get enough of the show.

    To see where Season 6 is going can only be sumed up as extremely disappointing and its is definately losing it.

    There is too much of a change from Season 5 to 6 and too much experimenting going on with the plot. There are way to many new characters (just adding the odd new character is great) there is just so little ‘original’ and ‘classic’ greys left that has left me and many others i know no longer craving for the next greys installment.

    Shonda, please go back to more of the original or i fear you will lose the majority of your fans.

    Please bring some of the ‘old’ greys back, more exposure to original characters and not so many characters

  4. lol, i just realized i don’t really watch any of these popular tv shows, except for House, which is something i reserve only for the most severe form of boredom~ Am giving Nur Kasih a try though, it looks promising..

  5. I love supernatural! And I’ve gotta say I love your blog. Keep up the good work and posting. I’ve seen every supernatural episode and I’ve watched them more than once. I think you should keep writing about the show –this is the last season! That makes me sad but the end will be good! I hope Dean lives, at least. He’s my favorite character. Anyway, good luck!

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