2009 Snippets

January 2009 – celebrated New Year in Minin and Gorky squares in Nizhniy Novgorod. Academy internet was broken so we got unlimited internet on the first few days after New Year. I turned 23. Finished off freaking useless Epidemiology exam. Went to Turkey with friends.

February 2009 – Turkey holidays. I gained 3 kilos. Started to go to gym. I lost 2 kilos in the first month. Got letter from MMC that we had to do practical in Nizhniy Novgorod, but I don’t think it would increase our clinical acumen anyway.

March 2009 – Still struggling to overturn MMC ruling. I wasn’t happy about it.

April 2009 – Preparing here and there for Volgogames. So much work had to be done, so little time to do. Worked under pressure and it turned out fine albeit minor glitches and unnecessary requests for an already cheap and subsidized trip. I had great help from some of my MSA staffs. MMC overturned its ruling for practical in Russia.  It was a little too late, but whatever. I went to St. Petersburg for holidays medical conference, the most beautiful city in Russia during the time of Volgogames. Worth it!

May 2009 – . Had PPIM family day. Went to court to solve the window-shooting case. Was preparing for MSA election but no one cared.

June 2009 – Was preparing for exams. No fun at all. Then went back to Malaysia. Said goodbye and good luck to some of the final years. Couldn’t go to their graduation. H1N1 endemic announced. Forced to cancel my Spain trip. I hate it!

July 2009 – Practical in HUKM surgery clinics. Learned a lot! It’s much more worth it to do in HUKM then Nizhniy Novgorod. Indebted to HUKM. Went to Sarawak, twice. Sarawak is beautiful, the food is delicious and the people are interesting. Love was in the air.

August 2009 – Was still in Sarawak early August. Hazy. Coughed a lot. Went to hospital and nebulized the first time after 15 years in Sarawak GH. Then puasa 8 days in KL. Two months holiday I gained 7 kilos. Ergh! Visited MRSM Taiping (the prodigal student returns). Visited Putrajaya with the Jatdeng and the Ilya for some bureaucratic document legalization stuffs (which later, the pencil-pushing Russian bureaucrats said we did wrong).

September 2009 – Started class with Internal Medicine with Dr. Petrov. He is what they call “skema” but he is good. He inspires and teaches. Seriously the best internal medicine cycle for me. I stepped down as MSA President and appointed as its Advisor. Celebrated aidil fitri. The word “Anjing” somehow got involved somewhere. First years arrived.

October 2009 – Raya open houses. Watching the first years struggling to survive in Nizhniy Novgorod. It was quite easy for them, so lucky…

November 2009 – Seriously demotivated on Surgery cycle. I expected to learn more, but I guess the teacher wasn’t quite as inspiring.

December 2009 – Quarantined over flu epidemic. Broke up. Depressed (over weather?). Finished gynecology exam. Started to learn more about “camels”. Celebrated double KK birthdays. Stressed over unsolved SPM document legalization issue. Fuck the bureaucrats! Bureaucracy breeds corruption and corruption is bad.

2009 is quite an adventure. Hope 2010 is better! Happy New Year 2010 to everyone.

6 thoughts on “2009 Snippets

  1. dear Faiz, nice blog design, so classic! happy new yr to you! i need a little bit guidance here, how can i make my post appear not in full so that more post can be displayed on d page? i mean, how to have that “Continue reading this post” link after the (perhaps) first paragraph..hehe sorry..(oh btw im using blogger.com, just let me know if that function is only available in wordpress)… feel free to drop by (im an executive working with petronas, did law at university). glad to stumble upon ur blog! http://storiesofmyown-salmi.blogspot.com/

    • Hi, I use wordpress and this function works in wordpress… I don’t know about blogspot because I am not used to it. I am sure it can be done, because I’ve seen some blogspot users do the “continue reading this post”… Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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