Wintry Kazan 2010 (Part 1)

This is a story of a young boy, who went to wintry and blizzardy Kazan in the search of happiness. The young boy is accompanied by an older boy and two pretty young ladies 🙂

It was extremely cold in Kazan, in fact the day before we arrived was warm and the day we left was warmer. We just hit the right timing traveling in extremely cold Russian winter. Anyway, we survived this. If we survived traveling in the crazily extreme –27 Celsius, we can survive anything! Ngenge (eyeing Siberian winter)

Some of these photos are credited to Lim Shou Zhi.

1 - tiket kazan

Ticket to Kazan from Gorky (Nizhniy) station. It costs about 1375 rubles and there’s a new skyrocketing tariff after New Year 2010. The service still sucks.


 3 - vokzal

Vokzal (train station) in the morning (arrival 0605)

1 - First arrival

Had to wait till sunrise for this photo 🙂


2 - coffee on arrival

Morning coffee in the nearby cafe. All of us didn’t sleep well in the train.


 4 - kol sharif yulia

Kol Sharif and Kazan Kremlin. It was –20 Celsius, no kidding! From left: Yulia the couchsurfer, Jatdeng the other couchsurfer, Efenem the passive couchsurfer and Rose the non-couchsurfer.


5 - me n kol sharif

Kol Sharif – the mosque within the walls of Kremlin, landmark of Kazan. Which other city in Russia (or Europe) can you find a mosque as a landmark?


6 - inside kol sharif

Inside Kol Sharif. Beautifully decorated, but not that big. Probably 4-5 times smaller than Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan. Visitors can have a look inside (entrance is free), have to cover heads (for women) and 3 rubles for the plastic shoe cover (бахили).


13 - the gate of nothingness

The gate of nothingness…

1 - kazan museum 

Museum of something something about history of Kazan, the capital of Republic of Tatarstan.


7 - trilingual

Trilingual signs on the lamp posts in Kazan Kremlin.


8 - couchsurfers

Had a lunch with another couchsurfer in Kazan, Chamil.


9 - tatar lunch

My humble lunch– duck pie with bullion


8 - ordering piza

It was so cold and windy outside we decided to order in Pizza and Sushi from our Bulgaru Hostel host


11 - the questionable pizza

My humble dinner – thin seafood pizza with very little cheese shared with 4 people!


12 - sushi

Another humble dinner – unagi rolls with pathetically small wasabi on top left.


10 - sleepin

After a disappointing Kazanic dinner, I had nothing else to do at 9pm. Plus, I didn’t sleep well in the train the previous night. So, goodnight!


7 thoughts on “Wintry Kazan 2010 (Part 1)

    • haha you like it ya?? hmmm… I linked my post to yours but you didn’t link your post to mine… hmmmm…

      Anyway, thanks for the Kazanic pictures. You’re one hella of a great photographer!!~

  1. that dot of wasabi is soo cute! Our humble dinner took 2hours to arrive. ngenge. Luckily I can proudly say Nizhniy have better food than that XD

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