Wintry Kazan 2010 (Part 2)

This is a continuation of Wintry Kazan 2010 (Part 1) about a young boy with his friends who went to Kazan for some extreme traveling. The second day was a much colder day, it was –27 Celsius (the first day was –20 Celsius).

I slept at 9pm the previous night, so I kinda had a long and sweet dreams that I snored too loud it woke someone up from sleeping. Morning after prayers, cleaning up and checking out from Bulgaru Hostel, we went for breakfast.

We had a questionable dinner last night, so for breakfast I decided to compensate. I had two plates of this oily thing:

8 - tatar breakfast

I don’t care what society says. I love this meat and potato thing!

14 - otw

After the energizing breakfast, we went for a walk in Kazan village in the –27 Celsius. The faces above are just for the camera. The reality was that we felt intense pain like our fingers and toes were going to come off!!


15 - jalan2 sejuk

The journey towards happiness is painful… ngenge

11- in the middle of nowhere

In the middle of our very long and painful journey, we saw the desert of nothingness but snow.

16 - vsexreligii

We finally reached our destination. This colorful building is called “All-religions temple” or Храм всехрелигии. It combines 16 world religions. Mosque, church, pagoda, synagogue and religions of now-vanished civilizations are situated together.


17- vsereligii

All-religions temple, me and the little snowman…


18 - makan2 umah yulia

After the very harsh journey, we were invited by Yulia the couchsurfer to her home for lunch. The lunch was a combination of Russian and Tatar lunch – which was unique and nourishing!


19 - soup

The noodle soup (şulpa), eaten with bread. Soup is always the first course in Russian-style lunch. You must always have the soup before proceeding to the second course.


20 - pickled mushrooms

Some of the mushrooms picked from Yulia’s village


21 - salted fish

Salted fish. You either like this food, or you don’t. No middle or neutral ground. I do like it very much~


22 - kstubi

Another Tatar food, qıstıbí – unleavened pancake folded into two and filled with mashed potatoes


23 - tubeyteka

Trying on Tubeyteka or “kopiah” in Bahasa Melayu


24 - parents yulia

A photo to remember – with Yulia’s family. Taken after lunch before saying thanks and goodbye to Yulia’s parents hospitality.


25 - night out

Night out, it was less cold at night than in the morning. Zhi insisted we take photos of the cities at night and it was really worth it!


26 - before balik

Some Kazanic theater…



Some of us had to pee so we used the Tatar Congress building ngenge… Well, if it was Nizhniy, we’d sure be kicked out already!


28 - kremlin at night

Kazan kremlin at night.


29 - kul sharif at night

Kul sharif and me at night…


30 - kol sharip

In front of kol sharif entrance. It’s closed after Isha’ prayer.


31 - bye

Me and the city of Kazan



Goodbye Kazan. It was surely a great and adventurous trip. Couchsurfing makes the trip much better despite the extreme cold! Thanks to Yulia for bringing us around and credits to Zhi for the great photos!

11 thoughts on “Wintry Kazan 2010 (Part 2)

  1. all religions temple??
    thats something i’ve never heard of before..
    any ideas on building one of those in malaysia??
    on second thought, maybe not such a good idea – LOL
    great trip..
    i’d definitely put kazan on my to-do-list..

    • St Petersburg and Kazan are two cities worth visiting in Russia…
      Moscow not so much, but just visitla since its the capital ngenge
      Nizhniy Novgorod? hahaha not in the list~

  2. Never heard of the All-Religions Temple… how awesome! Russia used to be low on the list of places I wanted to travel, but it just jumped up a whole lot of notches! Thanks so much for sharing, from one couchsurfer to another.

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