Housemanship and specialization

After the visit of two professors from Malaysia last week, I have been reading a lot about housemanship experiences in Malaysia. I think I can feature some HO experiences. Click on the colored words for the links:

1. Saya doktor – from Volgograd, just graduated

2. Mangoandjojoba

3. Adzariff

For specialists training in Malaysia:

1. Recognized Postgraduate Qualifications

2. Criteria to Register as a Specialist – about criteria, curriculum of fellowship, duration, stuffs you need to do and learn.

May this inspire you to be better doctors!


4 thoughts on “Housemanship and specialization

  1. hey old friend, really want to catch up with you one day. congrats for the red diplom.all the best in your future undertakings..
    anyway, good it.

  2. Hi,
    first of all thanks for your blog, Its very helpful. 😉
    I’m a medical graduate and a licenced doctor in Iran,do you know wether I have to pass any certain exam in Malaysia prior to being able to work as a physician in Malaysia (if yes what are they! :p )or will they accept the Iranian medical graduates right away ?
    and a nother Q, how much is the annual salary of a General Practitioner (a doctor with out a specialty) working in KL ?
    thanks again.

  3. A very nice blog, a good example of managing time during med school. I am about writing my finals in a Nigerian med school, what are the requirements for both a surgical (ObGyn) internship and residency training in Malaysia? What is the annual pay package like? Thanks, please reply soonest.

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