My Red Diplom!

red diplom 001


This is my so-called Red Diploma (красный диплом). Red Diploma, by Russian standard, is the first class honors. This is not a diploma which we receive upon graduation. The graduation is not for another 6 months and I am still not sure if the teachers will not fail me in the great State Exams.

And stupid thing, I might not graduate over bureaucracy of the SPM certificate; chop chop chop, translate translate translate, copy copy copy. Bodoh! Anjing kurap lagi mulia daripada bahlul birokrasi!

As you can read in the red diploma up there, this is the certificate of participation for Summer Practical Conference. Me and four other medical students were awarded this certificate when we presented what we did on our summer practical. Apparently, the teacher in charge was impressed to listen to my preliminary report on my practical. And I did my practical in MALAYSIA, not RUSSIA.

If you want to read more about my report, download SUMMER PRACTICAL 2009.

P/S: I have no possibility whatsoever to get Red Diplom on graduation 😉

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