Harga minyak naik

Subject:  Minyak naik 1 Mei 2010 , jualan kereta merudum

Jualan kereta di Malaysia dijangka akan merudum atau kaku. Ini adalah kerana Pak Menteri telah umumkan minyak akan naik pada 1 Mei 2010 bergantung pada cc atau kapasiti enjin kenderaan.
Kereta berapa cc yang akan dapat subsidi masih tak tahu lagi. Kereta 660 cc ke , 850 cc ke , 1000 cc ke , 1500 cc ke , 1600 cc ke , tak tahulah.
Lepas tu untuk kenderaan di Sabah dan Sarawak mereka akan terus dapat subsidi iaitu kekal harga lama selepas 1 Mei 2010 kerana Pak Menteri kata orang Sabah dan Sarawak ramai guna 4WD yang cc besar kerana jalan di pedalaman yang teruk.
Nampaknya akhir-akhir ini banyak pula keistimewaan orang Sabah dan Sarawak bah.

Lepas tu lagi Pak Menteri kata orang Semenanjung mula 1 Mei 2010 ini akan dapat beli minyak pada harga subsidi satu orang satu kereta sahaja. Banyak pula konsep 1 sekarang ni.
Jadi kalau satu keluarga ada 3 kereta atas nama suami, diguna oleh isteri dan anak, mungkin perlu tukar nama pula ke nama isteri dan anak-anak. Wah , duit lagi nak tukar nama pula.

Apa-apa pun , kepada mereka yang nak beli kereta , jangan salahkan sesiapa , kerana amaran telah diberi minyak akan naik 1 Mei 2010 ini. Mungkin mereka tak kata minyak akan naik, tapi minyak akan dijual mengikut subsidi atau cc kereta.
Kepada mereka yang guna Naza Ria , walaupun harganya lebih kurang Exora mungkin kena bayar lebih untuk minyak , atau mungkin kena jual Naza Ria di Sabah atau Sarawak.
Fakta diatas dari temubual Pak Menteri yang bertanggungjawab dalam akhbar The Star 17 Jan 2010 :
Still in the dark over system
I agree but we have not fully settled on the exact mechanism. It’s still under discussion, that’s why we are still unable to announce details at this moment.
That May 1 date is still on target but it will only be for the peninsula. For Sabah and Sarawak, the implementation will be later. The people there use four-wheel drive vehicles to get around and most are about 3,000cc.
With cars, the best is to look at engine capacity. It’s wrong to go by the brand because that would be perceived as discriminating against a make.
We are considering putting a chip into our MyKad to register the car that’s entitled to the subsidised petrol. Each person is eligible for subsidised petrol for only one car.
Temubual sepenuhnya di bawah.

Still in the dark over system



The Government’s plan to impose a two-tier pricing mechanism for petrol by May 1 has given rise to many questions but answers are hard to come by. Just how will the mechanics be worked out?

THE Government wants to cut down on subsidies it pays on petrol by implementing a two-tier pricing system by May 1. Domestic Trade and Co-operatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob says the principle has been agreed upon but details are still being worked out. He has asked the public to give him their views via his Facebook.

The move to reduce subsidies, including for sugar and other consumer products, is a very sensitive and difficult process, he admits.

> People want to be informed early about the new fuel pricing mechanism so that they can be prepared.

I agree but we have not fully settled on the exact mechanism. It’s still under discussion, that’s why we are still unable to announce details at this moment.

What I was able to announce is the principle of the subsidy. Wherever you go in the world, subsidies are targeted at needy groups. In the case of petrol for our country, the poor or the middle income group.

But now everyone is getting the petrol subsidy, including foreigners, which means the Government is subsidizing citizens, non-citizens and the well-to-do. This is wrong. The principle of the new mechanism is that the subsidies will be given to only the targeted group.

Filling up: Details on the two-tier fuel pricing system are still being worked out.

> Since the Government is still discussing the mechanism, maybe it won’t be implemented in May?

That May 1 date is still on target but it will only be for the peninsula. For Sabah and Sarawak, the implementation will be later. The people there use four-wheel drive vehicles to get around and most are about 3,000cc. Even the poor are forced to use that because of the terrain. We will eventually have a mechanism for them.

> How can people give their feedback constructively if they are not given some details of the proposal?

But they are already doing that now. Even though no one is certain about what is going to happen on May 1, the debate and discussion have already started. Even the principle of the subsidy is being questioned. Even the rich are thinking they should be entitled to the subsidy.

We are listening to the opinions and suggestions.

Is the Government looking at engine capacity or the make of the car to determine who gets the subsidy? What engine capacity are you looking at?

With cars, the best is to look at engine capacity. It’s wrong to go by the brand because that would be perceived as discriminating against a make. You can’t say whoever owns a BMW is not entitled to subsidized petrol; BMW would be mad at us. That’s why engine capacity is the best consideration. As for the engine capacity, we will announce later.

> How about expensive cars like the Mini Cooper, which has a small engine but cost over RM200,000?

There are also some kampung folk who use very old Mercedes Benz, which is very cheap – costing about RM10,000 – but the engine capacity is big. Whatever we do, we can’t cover 100%. There are bound to be some who won’t be covered. This is true of whatever policy we make; it can’t be 100% perfect. There will definitely be some who are not satisfied or who terlepas (escape).

> Will there be two different pumps at petrol stations?

We are still working out the mechanics but definitely not two pumps. We are looking at pumps having two prices or perhaps just having the market price on it but those entitled to the subsidized price get to pay less and get receipts for it.

> Who decides on the engine capacity at the petrol station?

We are considering putting a chip into our MyKad to register the car that’s entitled to the subsidized petrol. Each person is eligible for subsidized petrol for only one car. It’s not fair if you have 10 (small engine capacity) cars and you get subsidies for all 10. If the car is registered to different people, for example the wife, son or daughter, then each is eligible to the subsidy; one person per car. Children have to be 18 or above because, to own a car, you must be at least 18.

> So we won’t be handing our MyKad to some foreign petrol attendant to check?

I don’t think that will be the case because these days we are IT savvy. It’ll probably be swiping, like you do with the credit card. It will be a convenient system.

> People who own big cars grumble that they already pay high duties for the imported cars. They are also paying high road taxes, so why shouldn’t they enjoy subsidized petrol because they are taxpayers too?

The principle of the subsidy is that those entitled are the poor and middle income group. But we are listening to all views and there have been so many because everybody has been talking based on presumption.

> But people argue that it’s better to disclose some details of what the Government is proposing so that they can give their views rather than speculate.

I can’t give details because we are still discussing (them). In due time, the Government will announce the engine capacity and whether there is a cap on how many litres per person per month. If there is no cap per car, people will abuse it. They will use their Mykad to buy as much petrol as possible, transfer it into a drum and then sell it to those who don’t qualify for subsidies. So the question of how many litres will be announced later.

> How about those who travel outstation for work or those in big cities who travel long distances daily because they can’t afford to buy or rent homes near their offices?

We are looking at all angles. Someone who lives in a small town and goes to work nearby will benefit. We haven’t fixed a cap yet but if there is no limit, it will definitely be abused. Those near the Thai border will sell it over the border and, in other places, people will sell it to those who are not entitled. So there should definitely be a cap.

> Is the Government also looking at reducing the subsidy on diesel?

Not right now.. The real market price should be RM2.09 per liter for diesel but fishermen pay only RM1.20, public transport such as school buses, public buses, lorries and prime movers pay RM1.43, normal cars RM1.70 and airport taxis RM1.58. The multiplier effect of diesel is different from petrol because petrol is not used for public transport and to transport goods. If we increase the price of diesel, bus fares will go up and the price of goods will increase immediately because transportation costs would increase. School bus operators, too, would want to hike up fares. There are a lot more considerations with regard to diesel than petrol.

> What products is Malaysia still subsidizing? Are we moving towards a no-subsidy regime?

Sugar, cooking oil, flour, ST15 rice, petrol, diesel, LPG gas, and NGV gas for taxis. The fuel subsidies make up the highest amount. It was RM5.6bil last year (in 2008 when world oil price was higher, the subsidy was RM18.8bil).

We are not moving towards a no-subsidy regime yet. I don’t foresee us doing away with the subsidy for basic items like rice and petrol. What we are trying to do now is to focus on the target group. There has been too much leakage because people who are not eligible are getting subsidies.

> It has been reported that Malaysia by 2011 will be a net importer of oil, so shouldn’t we stop giving subsidy for oil?

The people are not ready. When I raised the price of sugar by just 20 sen, people got angry. We must educate our people. The problem with us is that when we get something, there is no way the Government can take it back. Sugar was never a subsidized product. The Government only started subsidizing sugar in 2009. Before that, because the world sugar prices were low – at US$14..50 per kg – we had no subsidy at all. But last year, the price shot up. The Government wanted to cushion the effect and started subsidizing sugar. Taking it back now is very difficult because people think it is their right.

> Isn’t there ample justification to withdraw the subsidy on sugar because less consumption is better?

Many people, including consumer and health groups, feel there is no reason for the Government to subsidise sugar because it is bad for health. It can be likened to subsidising cigarettes. The sugar subsidy only makes people use more sugar every day and this will increase the number of chronic illnesses in the country. This is what people should understand. We have to educate people and make them aware. If we do not educate them, it would be difficult because we have been enjoying subsidies for too long. Last year, the subsidy for sugar was RM720mil. This year, despite the 20 sen increase, the Government will have to fork out an even higher subsidy of about RM1.008bil.

> Biscuit and soft drinks manufacturers buy sugar at subsidised prices too. So can we have a two-tier system where industries pay the real market price?

We should actually do this. The problem is if we do, there will be a shortage of sugar because people will start hoarding sugar. Retailers, too, will manipulate the supply and sell to industries as they pay higher prices. This will cause problems for consumers. As far as retailers are concerned, why should they sell to consumers for RM1.65 when they can sell at higher prices to factories?

For example, if the real market price is RM2.45 and the factory offers retailers RM2.20, the factory saves cost and the retailer makes more money than selling it for RM1.65 to consumers. That’s our worry about putting two prices for sugar in place. This is what happened with subsidised diesel being sold on the black market.

> What is the hardest subsidy for the Government to withdraw?

Everything! The Government will spend RM104mil this year to subsidise flour. Last year, it was RM89mil. If we cut this, the Indians and roti canai lovers will make noise. So we are maintaining the price at RM1.35 because it is a staple food for Indians. Rice, too, is staple food for the Malays, Chinese and also Indians. It is also very hard to raise diesel price because the price of other goods will go up. As for petrol, we just have to raise the price by 5 sen and people will get angry.

With sugar, too, people made noise when we hiked the price up by 20 sen even though sugar consumption is known to cause harm. However, they are not really worried about sugar consumption at home because they consume only 1kg or 2kg a month and a 20 sen hike per kg is not a burden at all. What they are worried about is the multiplier effect – the effect it would have on food prices outside.

> Has the objection against the sugar hike been very serious?

Not so much because consumer associations have come out in support of the Government. We argue that for health reasons people should consume less, so why buy sweet things outside? But people still fear a hike in prices of food products. That’s why we will continue our campaign of reducing sugar in food and drinks.

14 thoughts on “Harga minyak naik

  1. haha..thing is, being an oil-producing country, we are still paying a higher price for it compared to other nations..and its not as if they hike up the price once every 5 years or so, in which case people wont complain..but they hike it up almost every year!! it is even more difficult for some people becos they cant claim the amount they spend on oil and tol..why cant they scrap all this lousy projects, weed out all the corrupt practices that they have – i’m sure there’ll be ample left to give back to the people..
    i live in jalan cheras – if there is no jam and the traffic lights are green all the way, it takes me 15mins max at the speed of 80kmph to reach midvalley..you dont ever wanna get to kl after 7am morning – it takes a freaking 2.5 hours, even more, to get to work..coming back at 5 – forget it la, 3 hours on the road not moving – THE DAMN PETROL JUST EVAPORATES OKAY..i dun understand how..its supposedly now a HIGHWAY ( which they have been building for more than 10 years, then break here and there, then build again, then dig up the roads again, then do it all over again ) where the tol to kl city centre costs you about rm10 to and fro, plus the oil now higher..who wont complain right?? if we have decent public transportation, it wud be less of a problem, but that too stinks even worse than our public toilets..

  2. the government really needs money to run the country.
    but why don’t they cut corruptions (PKFZ for example) to subsidize the petrol?
    by the way, malaysians can be mad as they chosed ‘them’ to manage te country.
    so next time think before you vote!

  3. What I suggest is that government should direct pay to Malaysia instead of setting silly system (Fuel Management System) to Malaysian.
    The payment will be channel whenever they renew their roadtax (based on cc and age of each car). Set the petrol pump price at market price to avoid abuse!!! Instead of setting quota, set the payment (Petrol Rebat) to Malaysian based on quota much easier ? Why want to invest billion of dollar on what so called Fuel Management System? Do you think this system smart enough? Any loophole? Fuel Management System another PKFZ story? Please la….our government…Research before start planning, planning before start testing, testing before start implementing? Akhirnya harap semua warga Malaysia dapat manfaat dari apa kerajaan lakukan. Malaysia Boleh!!!

  4. i dont mind that the petrol price goes up, but in return, i would like to see the car price goes down. if not.. i dont see any ‘balance’ in the system.

  5. kalo minyak naik tu biar kan jelah.. dah pasaran global mcm tu nak bt mcm mane.. cume negare ni jek yg kerajaan bg subsidi byk sgt utk myk.. die nak tarik tu ade sebab nye.. nak suh rakyat die berpijak atas kaki sndr bukan nak menyeksa… smpi biler nak gantung gan subsidi kerajaan semata-mata.. gule, myk, barang2 dapur.. sume nye subsidi..

    mcm mane kerajaan nak improve pentadbiran kalo habis sume ke subsidi jek. cube fikir and jgn merungut biler harge myk naik..

    myk naik ikot cc pun slh sndr gak.. g beli kete cc besar tu nape.. kete malaysia sume cc kecik2.. fikir2 kan dan selamat beramal..

    • Macam mana kerajaan BN boleh improve pentadbiran:
      1. Hapuskan rasuah
      2. Hapuskan pembaziran dalam perbelanjaan
      3. Kurangkan birokrasi

      Naikkan harga minyak kurangkan subsidi bagus juga, tapi kalau itu saja yg dibuat xguna jugak. Harga naik, gaji pun kenalah naik.
      Kita mestilah tidak merungut dan bersyukur kepada kerajaan barisan nasional bulat-bulat walaupun kita tak ada duit sebab kerajaan ambil duit kita.
      Kita mestilah beli kereta tempatan yg cc kecil saja supaya kita dapat drive perodua viva dengan menggunakan minyak yg banyak.

  6. Oh malaysiaku. kemanakah khazanah Tuhan untuk rakyatnya? takpe, harga minyak masih murah berbanding negara lain… harga masih murah,, bla bla… bilakah contoh kepimpinan saidina Umar akan digunakan bila menguruskan rakyatnya..

  7. How dare them!
    That is just that to what is the thing that keeps popping out in my mind. each time i watched the news, surfing thru local news sites and even flipping on the newspapers, all that i just can’t seems to be chewing, spitting it out and throw them out of my puny middle class mind would be, the phrase ‘how dare them?!’ keeps popping out subliminally. Keeps me to think about it, and really think it outright, how dare them, really.
    They acted so irresponsibly, ignorant and straight out without considerations at all. it’s just keep come crashing and tumbling swirling out to me, how dare does this luckily elected government proceeds with these price hikes! after all the hardships we the public, after all the incoming certain crunch towards us the working class, after having to keep on to still be on our good thoughts towards how no significant developments or any achievements were made for the sake of us the citizens, still keep crossing our fingers that something good might come out of all these. out of all the heckling amongst the party politicians and people, out of all the by and side and whatever elections that keeps showing how public preferences are just not nudging their way and how their style of aristocrat politics and sperm-club based monarchist government are getting less and lesser efficient, they did finally throw the price hike towel direct to our plain drained of hope faces and tell us to kowtow to it and just suck it.
    Maybe it is just all too true. maybe it is just all to realistic, what the words on the streets are circulating, come next election, the ruling hat is not going their way but the 180 degree’s off their way. they really must have want that to happen really really bad. and for people like me who do still have their feel of awe and respect to their long withstanding portfolios, maybe its just the right time to have alternate views and start believing at what the oppositions are preaching on their stands. even though i do think sometimes what are they opposing at are a bit off, and do create confusion once in a while, more the worse this current governing party is even more out-of-touch with the people on the reality land and just outright insensitive to our feedbacks and pocket fillings.
    Maybe we should just be tasteless and just start spitting curses and sorts off on the street riots. maybe it is just the perfect dawn of time to shut off normal order of conscience and see how plain anger will affect their way of treating the people. after all, the governing politicians seems to be just all too well and good to let the people to suffer further in these hard times. why bother anymore?

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