Quality of Life

Whenever I chat with Russian friends of mine in Nizhniy Novgorod, the topic that always comes up is “Malaysia is a warm country, yeah?”

“Warm? It’s freakin’ hot! I can’t breathe if I stay outside for more than half an hour!”

7- india street

Warm and colorful Malaysia


Well, that’s always the starting point. We then exchange the infos we got on Nizhniy Novgorod and Malaysia. Then the real discussion – money matters. Nizhniy vs Malaysia.


I always say that in Malaysia, we earn twice more (than a working chap in Nizhniy) and spend twice less. That’s to say our quality of life is 4 times better than them. A small apartment in Nizhniy suburbs rents about 8000 rubles monthly (RM900 – equivalent to 3-room condo in KL). While in the center of Nizhniy, it costs 16000 rubles (RM1800 – Elite Condo @ Villa!), in Moscow 50000 rubles! And you feel pity to see how small their apartments are when you Nizhnians do your ambulance practical in 5th year.

And the food in Nizhniy is ridiculously expensive. A decent lunch in a questionable canteen is about 100+ rubles, which in Malaysia is already lunch for two people or one person eating two sets of lunch.

Well, I suppose I can be grateful to the Barisan Nasional government. Our food is cheap – very few die of starvation in Malaysia. Our homes are quite spacious. But I won’t be too proud to brag about how our life is 4 times better in Malaysia.

With all the religious tension, political hoo-ha, corruptions and all, we’d worsen a lot in the future. Allah gives us Malaysians lots of nice stuffs; abundant natural resources, far away from the most damaging natural disasters, rich historical and cultural values, but is everyone grateful to Allah? We are doing much more damage instead…


Superb Nizhniy Novgorod in Winter

To be fair to Nizhniy Novgorod, it has some greater things than Malaysia. For starters, public transportation. Salads,  chocolates, winter and winter activities. Those are very significant stuffs yaaaa… I can’t get moving without decent public transport, salad is a healthy food, chocolates are simply great and winter is just so beautifully white.

So, we have to be grateful, wherever we are, in Russia or Malaysia. Being grateful doesn’t mean we cannot complain. So, yell at the customer service departments (which I think suck in both Malaysia and Russia) while still being grateful that Allah still gives you your voice, ok? 😉

5 thoughts on “Quality of Life

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  2. yup yup…can’t help but agree with you. Malaysia is awesome, but unfortunately filled will less than awesome people. :p its sad about what’s happening there lately, and sometimes its made worse by acting like nothing is happening (religious and racial tension is like the invisible elephant in the room~)

    but i gotta say one thing…russian salad? some of the worst i’ve tasted in my life~ :ppp some are good, others are just plain….evil!

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