January 2010 Snippets

New Year

I celebrated New Year with some friends, just like last year, walking from Minin Square to Gorky Square. New Year itself is a meaningless celebration; marking a transition from one year to another. It’s the people we celebrate with making it meaningful.


Kazan was freezing and awesome. As the capital of Tatarstan Republic and the third capital of Russia (after Moscow and St. Petersburg), this city is worth a visit. Read up Kazan part 1 and Kazan part 2.


I turn 24 this year. From the look of it, I can still say that I am young ;). I celebrated my birthday with my groupmates, and then the Jacque Dean. I never properly celebrated my birthday in Nizhniy. For the past 5 years, January has always been the exam month. As a 6th year, my gynecology exam was in December. No stress of exam in January, not until the next semester opens.


Certificate of Participation

As an active participant in Summer Practical 2009 conference, I got a “diploma”. The academy rarely gives any award to the students, so getting this one was kinda exciting, I guess… Ngenge 😉


Efenem’s Weblog has undergone extensive changes, including its theme. I have a disclaimer page and a wishlist page (if you’re interested in giving me anything from that list). Not to mention, my blog reached 100,000 hits after two years. Well, some people can get that same number of hits in one day! As a personal blog, I think that kind of number should be fine 😉

Subscribe to Efenem’s Weblog. Scroll down this page, leave a comment (just a smiley face also can do), mark “Notify me of new posts via email”. Then press “Submit comment”. You will be notified of any new post via your email.


Winter holidays

Happy holidaying to all of you. Recharge yourself before the opening of the new semester. If you’re going to Europe, take your time to revise some travel tips:

Me, I will be going to places people rarely go to, Croatia and Bosnia. I am super excited to go and meet new people there. I hope I shall return back to Russia in one piece with great souvenirs 😉

Bon Voyage!

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