6th year M’sian students of NNSMA

1. To group leaders of 6th years (Malaysians): Come to my room 421, hostel 3 to fill in forms for your graduation diploma. Failure to do so will result in no diploma. Fill in the form and pass to me before Saturday 13th February 2010.

2. For those who need to do translation in Moscow thru the Dean’s Office: The MSA President estimates translation in Moscow costs about 2000 rubles (SPM only) or 3000 rubles (SPM + STPM/Intec). The 3rd hostel residents can pass their certificates and pay to me in room 421. First hostel residents to Lim Kheng Huat in room 403 and fifth hostel residents to Hafiz Abe in room 310. Failure to do so by Saturday 13th February 2010 will result in no assistance for translation. {If the expenditure is less than the estimate, the remaining of your money will be returned, otherwise, if the expenditure is more than the estimate, you’ll have to pay the remaining (will be announced later – DHL cost may vary)}

3. Please pay the annual MSA fee of 200 rubles to me by Saturday 13th February 2010. The MSA has done a lot for the 6th years this time. Failure to do so may result in no translation or some forms might be lost somewhere in the process 😉

4. Check MSA blog for more updates http://msa-nizhny.blogspot.com

P/S: I am available after 6pm-12am everyday starting today till Saturday February the 13th 2010.


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