Judicial corporal punishment

Issues about Malaysian Muslims caning caught my attention. To be honest, if I ever committed any offence (criminal or shariah), I’d rather be lashed than imprisoned. When you are lashed (or caned), you get hurt for a while, then move on. I’d take 10 of those rather than even a month in a crowded prison.

I’m not saying jail or prison are totally useless. Just look at the reality of the current American penal system; it turns small-time offenders into hardened criminals after a certain period of jail time. Vandalizers turn into drug dealers. Burglars into murderers.

Muslim countries still apply lashing and caning as judicial punishments. Western world and liberal human rights group reject judicial corporal punishment and prefer imprisonment instead. In reality, the inmates are often beaten up by other inmates or by the guards. If they get “lucky”, they may contract HIV or STDs.

So, if caning is “barbaric”, prison is humane?


3 thoughts on “Judicial corporal punishment

  1. I got my ass whooped as a kid when I stepped out of line. I thanks my parents for doing it as it helped shaped the person I am today, a wonderful husband and father that thinks twice about doing something bad.

    Take a look at how American children deal with their parents and discipline or the joke that is discipline in America…

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