Malaysian Night 2010

me mn10

Efenem receives special award

I have to thank MSA and the juniors for making Malaysian Night 2010 a success. The new MSA determined to make this Malaysian Night better than the previous one. I have to admit, it was much better than the Malaysian Night during my administration.

Well, as a 6th year who has privileges on food, seating in the hall, enjoying the very talented shows, doing very little for the Malaysian Night and receiving special award – of course I’m bias. Sue me.

I do hope this tradition continues despite the complains that Malaysian Night is useless and all. We do not want a passive Malaysian community who do not know the seniors and the juniors,  who are reluctant to blend into the society, and who contribute nothing to our small community.

Next year’s MSA will have to do better, as this year’s Malaysian Night already sets a very high bar.

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