How Russia inspires to lose weight



1. Russian foods in the so-called canteen or cafeteria are downright disgusting and ridiculously expensive – except for certain types of salad and bread. Tak sedap jangan beli.

2. Young Russian people eat very little and they look very good. These people make Malaysian models look cheap.

3. No cars, more walking and running.

4. . Their gym facilities and programs are far superior and cheaper than the ones in Malaysia. Russia encourages sports activity and Malaysia encourages food. Go figure.

Gym nizhni


5 thoughts on “How Russia inspires to lose weight

  1. Gagah perkasa dan kurusnye beliau sekarang… 4 bulan lg mcm mana ye? will u not drive ur new car? will u not eat malaysian delicious yet fatty food? nge. its easy to gain weight but to lose weight? haha! but dont be discouraged! 🙂

  2. menarik…budaya tu yg memainkan peranan penting Malaysia nanti boleh la cedok sikit perkara yg baik ni..

  3. One of few things I do love in Russia – I don’t gain much weight there and I’ve no trouble taking care of my skin. Back here in Malaysia, I guess blame it on pollution, weather and oily foods – those acnes grew like I was some full-blown teenager instead of a quarter-aged adult. And not to mention those weight regained after gaining momentum of Housemanship working pace. Initially for the first three months I lost 9Kgs due to the stress and oncalls…but when I got past that, during oncalls we even ordered foods from the local bistros or called up McDs or Dominos…hence weight regained.

    I shall not eat post 7pm. Haha. Janji manis. Hard to fulfill. Especially during oncalls when the stomach just won’t stop singing its feed-me song.

  4. wau! dah steady la, nampak maco macam abah muda-muda, kena disiplin n kontrol makan bila balik Malaysia, tak nak belanja Faiz makan yang sedap2 he he

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