My medical student years (II) – Clinical

4th year



Posing in neurology class in with neuro professor… I used to love neuro, now I forgot everything already… Bad bad…


Malaysian Games 2008 was held in Nizhniy Novgorod and I was the MC

5th year


5th year was quite tough on me… I was the Malaysian Students Association President. I had to handle a lot of administrative stuffs

Flirting with the bigshots

At the same time, I got to deal with the bigshots (Malaysian Night)


Traumatology (Orthopedics)… When we were on the first day in class, MMC panelists came to evaluate us… We didn’t know anything… And up till the end of the class on the second semester, still NOTHING, seriously!

peds surg

Learning surgical skills from HOD of Pediatric Surgery in Regional Children Hospital of Nizhniy Novgorod

6th year


Pediatric HIV conference at the start of the semester… Gemok jugak aku rupenye masa tu 🙂



Bored waiting for lecturer surgeon to come… EVERYTIME! Imagine 5 groups from 2nd to 6th years and only one classroom (or changing room)!



Operation operation… Cannot see also



How do you interpret this?

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