I know what I did this Spring

Practical exam


In the conference hall for surgery practical exam… Waiting to be assigned to surgical patients

Practical exams in Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy are conducted in April each year for outgoing final year students. The subjects concerned are Internal Medicine, Obstetric or Gynecology, and Surgery.


The patterns are the same, the first part is seeing patients (except Gynecology), make diagnosis (full diagnosis with the classifications for Internal Medicine), recommend treatment. The second part is answering some questions on practical stuffs orally to the professors.

I’ve always had the privilege to be among the first ones to answer and to finish. Well, first, the teachers are always in a good mood in the morning for the first few students. And secondly, if you know the passing rate of this exam, there’s no point to being anxious and trying to delay answering to the teachers.

Study tips: Youtube, physical exam videos and books, Extra Practical Classes (for 6th years, Internal Medicine and Reanimation EPCs are well-constructed).

Dacha experience

Only after six years in Russia, I experienced the famous Russian Dacha. What is a Dacha? Dacha is a second home for Russians, located in the suburbs or villages, used for holidays or weekend getaways for Russians who live in the cities. It has similarities to English country houses, Holiday cottage, Garden houses etc.

blog - finding some wood

Trying to cut some tree with the axe for some fire wood.

blog - fire

Warming up in the evening… behind me is the sauna house

blog - inside sauna

Inside the sauna… It wasn’t hot yet at this time 🙂

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