Extremists everywhere

If you are thinking of Ibrahim Ali, don’t hold your breath. I won’t talk about him so much.

There are extremists in any race or religion. Malay extremists, chinese extremists, indian extremists, russian extremists (skinheads or the likes), Indonesian extremists, Thai extremists. There are also Muslim extremists, christian extremists, Jewish extremists, Hindu extremists, Buddhist extremists and even the atheists can be extreme too.

In any large group of race and religion, there are bound to have extremists.

The question is; who decides who is right? Which group has superiority over the other group?

It’s ironic that when they ban hijab, burqa and minaret in Europe, they are only preserving European or Western culture and cannot be considered extreme or Islamophobic. But when Muslims enforce shariah, we are called extremists and discriminatory because we impose our extreme “barbaric” Shariah Law upon others…

It’s an absolute irony, absolute irony, that when they complain or talk about racial issues, they are only protecting their rights. When we try to talk about the same thing, we are labeled racists.

Double standards. Double standards. A friend suggests democracy is the best solution for this problem. But what I see is that the double standards happen in countries which champion democracy!

Extremists are everywhere. When they are fanning hatred and bigotry, the best thing to do is to ignore them. Don’t fight with idiots. When we fight with idiots, they will drag us down to their level… And those who try to fight them will be idiots as well.

When I talked about Ibrahim Ali to non-Malays, the best response I got so far is “He should be shot!” and “He should be killed!”. I have also seen the word “Malay pig” around…

Those who are never extreme can become extreme just after exchanging a few words…

P/S: Well, he can just be ignored, since he’s just a miserable idiot who does not exercise enough, and has no power in the government.

P/S: Does it matter what race we are? Our blood is blue and our urine is green. Allah creates us humans all the same, and He does not create a race superior than the other (yes, the Jews are CERTAINLY NOT the superior race).

P/S; One Malaysia is just a slogan to make everyone feel good. It will never work. Malay Chinese Indian Sabah Sarawak. Malay Chinese Indian Sabah Sarawak. Nak masuk zoo kat Sarawak pun orang semenanjung kene bayar 3 kali ganda! Orang Cina susah nak dapat bantuan kerajaan & Orang Melayu susah nak dapat kerja dengan tokey Cina… 1Malaysia really??!

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