Spring in Nizhniy Novgorod (Victory Day)

May 9th is the Victory Day in Russia. It is the most celebrated day of the year, just like New Year, except Victory Day happens in spring every year so more people go out to celebrate. The Victory Day is always sunny and bright, because they have special jets to remove all the clouds from the city for the purpose of this patriotic celebration.


Yellow and red tulips bloom happily on this Victorious Day


Victory Day this year is at its 65th year, in which the Red Army stopped the advance of the Nazis led by Adolf Hitler. 27 million people were killed in the Second World War(or in Russia it’s called the Great Patriotic War). The war ended when Hitler killed himself.

Basically we can say the whole world is indebted to Russia because it stopped the Nazi in 1945. If the Nazis won, even Asia and Africa would be in deep trouble.

The Victory Day is celebrated by honoring the War Veterans, patriotic displays of jets and tanks, parades and concerts. Every big square in the city held this celebration.

war veteran

With a Russian war veteran… He received a lot of flowers as an expression of honor and gratitude for his service in the military


Bright day in Minin Square… Russian traditional dance concert by a group of Russian youngsters appreciating the freedom they got from the war veterans.


How about Malaysia’s Victory Day (Merdeka) celebration?

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