Spring in Vladimir

My trip to Vladimir coincided with Kelab Umno Nizhniy Novgorod (Kunizh) trip to Vladimir. Kunizh trip went to Gus Khrustalny, a town near Vladimir known for its crystal market, crsytal factory and crystal museum. Those who went with Kunizh got to see and shop cheap crystals (shopping trip).

Me, on the other hand, is more interested in the making of the crystal. I wanted to visit the factory but unfortunately it was Sunday so it was closed. So, I took my sweet time to walk around the city of Vladimir (sightseeing trip) without visiting the crystal market. The weather was great.


Bright day in Vladimir



Dandelions or the Russian call it одуванчики by the Nativity Monastery


sit on dandelions

Sitting on grass with dandelions


kereta kuda

It does feel like a Reinassance age a little bit


assumption church

This is the Cathedral of St. Demetrius… It’s inscribed under World Heritage List of UNESCO



Assumption Cathedral… You’d ask, why so many cathedrals, churches and monastery over here? Well, Vladimir is the only city spared from the destruction of worship houses during Soviet time



Monument of King Vladimir and priest Fyodor… Russians commemorate their people in their heydays by erecting monuments….


More monument of the person who did something good but I never cared…



The park



View of Vladimir



Lilac in Vladimir (RUS: сирень)


golden gate

The Golden Gate – a unique monument of ancient fortification of Vladimir. Under World Heritage List UNESCO


I also had a chance to visit Vladimir Central Prison, which is a high-security prison for very dangerous criminals in Vladimir Region.

vladimir hospital jiwa

Psychiatric hospital within the prison compound



High security Vladimir prison… It’s walkable around here, the guards will try to be friendly with you but better avoid them

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