So comes the finale. TV series, med school, studies, teachers, Deanery, Nizhniy Novgorod, friendships made in med school (they say friends last forever, but it’s not gonna be the same when everyone goes separate ways). The dreaded final exams will also come to an end. So the stress as shown below.



I’m sure everybody will cherish the moments, adventures, classes, teachers, hospitals, and even the very ridiculous system which is the very foundation of our med school.


It’s suggested that we reunite after 5 years. Middle point in between Malaysia, Africa, Sri Lanka, Mauritius is… The Indian Ocean!

I suggested Iraq, but Dubai is probably a better choice. Reunion in Nizhniy? Too much hassle, but we’ll see…

One thought on “Finale

  1. suggest jumpa kat pulau langkawi. Naik kan ekonomi msia.
    BTW, final exams means a start of a new and challenging begining

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