The GOS experience (part 1)

All final year med students must go thru this GOS exam (read: state exam) before graduating and embarking on a very long journey of doctorship. These exams are similar to professional exams in Malaysia, United States Medical Licensing Examinations and all other final exams in med schools. But is it as serious, that remains debatable…

At least NNSMA is more serious than someplace else in Russia. I have heard that my colleagues someplace else have done their final exams of certain subjects long before, some last year even! One or two exams and they are already holding Dr. title.


I am not the one to judge, but I do believe in cramming for the influx of knowledge before becoming a doctor. Whatever we learn here might not be as good or as updated as Malaysia, but at least we should recognize the basic principles. With the Dr. title, comes big responsibilities.

Multiple Choice Questions

This is very sure pass exam because it’s in Russian. There are 100 questions, the teacher gave 71% correct answers (70% is pass). Those who are clever can answer more.

Public Health

gos exam

I am not very fond of this department (as most students are) and I really didn’t care to study enough for this subject as well. My questions were about WHO, Hospital profits and Russian mortality rates. Important? Sure. But if they don’t care to do something about smoking and drinking habits in Russia (which is the largest cause of their mortality), I didn’t care to study anything about their public health system. Sure pass exam.

Internal Medicine

This department really make the students study hard, unlike the other departments. I am really fond of this department and look up to the teachers. The teachers here really teach, or scare the students to death to learn internal medicine. Structure of the questions:

  1. General internal medicine
  2. Clinical case (general internal medicine)
  3. Hematology or Occupational Diseases or Military Medicine
  4. Infectious Diseases or Tuberculosis

pic taken during exam

This picture is taken during examination. I was sitting for little bit before answering to the examiners viva.


Answering Viva to the panels of internal medicine teacher.


int med announce

The announcement of exam result by the head of department of Internal Medicine, Professor Leonid Gregorevitch Strongin.


The teacher circled red is one of the scariest in the department. She inspires students by making them look stupid and a few scare tactics.


This teacher we call her Britney, due to her close resemblance to Britney Spears. (Heck, even the real Britney looks fat now!) This teacher chose me personally to answer general internal medicine and clinical case questions to her…


The teachers and students. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hosp 5

You’ll be missed, Hospital no. 5!


Surgeons really inspire me with their work. I don’t mind standing to watch surgery for hours or assisting it. I don’t mind examining surgical patients. It’s just not all surgeons in NNSMA really teach. Even when I was doing practical in HUKM, surgeons taught me what is this and what is that, but not so much here.

The surgeons are so different in style and have different approaches to almost everything! What may be right with this surgeon will be totally different with that surgeon. So my colleague gave a piece of his mind to the surgeons about how not really inspiring they are.

I finished answering second to a sexist jewish surgeon. It’s not that he’s jewish that makes it a problem. It’s that he’s sexist. The guys who answered to him were bombarded harshly and got not so good results, and the girls were treated very nicely.


The head of department of surgery announcing results and talking about some stuffs to the students… One of them is why the surgery questions were kind of messed up.


With the surgeons who teach foreign students


Oh Privolzhskiy District Medical Center, you will not be so missed although I left my grey sweater in your changing room.

8 thoughts on “The GOS experience (part 1)

    • Supposedly, but they only gave warnings. 3 warnings and one has to repeat final year. Their current policy “take the diplom and go home”

  1. hey, congrats on pass your exam.

    I’m studying in CSMU and its not much different. Hope you have a good HOship in Msia…

  2. congratulations, means u have passed already! is there anyone that has to repeat final year, or any previous years at all?

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